Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are constantly bickering yet inseparable fraternal twins. During their time in dragon school, they took part in teasing Hiccup and bragging about their own skills as dragon slayers. Ironically, like Hiccup, the two also saw little success when it came to battling dragons. However, once Hiccup began to master dragon training, they were quick to praise him and even joined him and Toothless in the fight against the Red Death.

The twins share a single two-headed dragon named Barf and Belch, and after some practice and guidance from Hiccup, they are now considered extremely competent dragon riders. You can find Ruffnut and Tuffnut around Berk and the School of Dragons!

Ruffnut and Tuffnut - VikingsRuffnut and Tuffnut - Vikings