Heather the Alchemist

Heather the Alchemist - VikingsHeather is a new arrival on the Isle of Berk, but her time here has not always been easy. Not too long ago, her ship wrecked near the village, and she found herself welcomed by the Vikings of Berk. However, unbeknownst to our favorite dragon riders, Heather was hiding a dark secret.

A rival Viking leader, Alvin the Treacherous, had kidnapped Heather’s parents and threatened to keep them captive unless Heather stole the Journal of Dragons from Hiccup. Luckily, Astrid and Hiccup were able to join forces with Heather to help her rescue her parents and keep the Journal of Dragons out of Alvin’s hands.

After rescuing her parents, Heather left Berk with her family, but once she heard the news about the opening at the School of Dragons, she couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to work alongside Hiccup and his friends. After all, the teachers and students would need her scientific expertise!

Since her return to Berk, Heather has become the school’s Alchemist. In this new role, Heather uses her knowledge of the scientific method to learn what foods dragons prefer, where they like to sleep, and how to keep the livestock away from their new dragon neighbors. Heather’s enthusiasm for science has made her the perfect candidate to help the students at the School of Dragons. If you ever have a scientific question or need help with an experiment, make sure to pay her a visit!