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Harald Forkbeard

Harald Forkbeard - Vikings

The first thing you should know about Harald Forkbeard is that he is never to be trusted under any circumstance. He is a cunning and manipulative pirate who will always put himself and his Terrible Terror, Leopold, first. Because of this, he has a tendency to switch alliances to avoid being on the losing side.

Harald is notoriously charming. Vikings who cross him path should try not to be deceived by him. When Harald first came to Berk, Hiccup initially trusted him, but the quick-witted Astrid could see right through him and was immediately skeptical. Astrid’s suspicions were proven to be right when Harald’s true nature was revealed. However, while the Dragon Riders were unable to apprehend Harald after he had betrayed them and stolen the Book of Dragons, they were still able to prevent him from stealing anything of value. Nevertheless, Harald is still at large and stirring up trouble whenever he can.

More recently, Harald has teamed up with the merciless pirate captain, Nikora Stormheart, to help her conquer the archipelago. As her ally, he acts as a liaison between her and the Dragon Riders of Berk. Even though he works for Stormheart, he does help the Dragon Riders destroy her stash of Grimora venom because of his concern for Leopold’s safety. It is imperative that you do not mistake this deed for kindness, for Harald Forkbeard is always looking to turn a profit and is constantly seeking to evade justice.

Harald Forkbeard - How to Train Your Dragon

“Harald Forkbeard? You’ve never heard of Harald Forkbeard?” The old man, who had introduced himself as Darby, gave me an incredulous look.

“No,” Fell responded. “Should I?”

“You should if ya know what’s good for ya!” Darby leaned back in his seat and studied him. “Look at ya, all bright-eyed and nice. That’s how he’ll get ya!”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, sure, he’ll befriend ya, make ya feel like he’s a trustworthy fella. He’ll have ya believin’ that he and that little Terrible Terror of his, Leopold, are strong, upstanding Vikings. But he’s only ever looking out for himself and Leopold. He’d sell ya out if it means making a scrap of money or savin’ his own skin. He’ll side with ya when you’re winning, and then the minute it looks like the other side is gettin’ ahead, he’ll switch over to them.”

Fell let out a low whistle. “He sounds like someone I don't want to cross,” he said.

“And that’s just the beginning,” he grumbled. The old man leaned towards me, “You haven’t heard of Nikora Stormheart, have ya?”

Harald Forkbeard - School of Dragons Online