Dreadfall - SOD

An eerie wind blows, rustling the dying leaves on the trees and ushering in Dreadfall. During this nightmarish time of the year, the fluttering of bat wings fills the air and spiders scurry out of hidden crevices to weave intricate webs. In the midst of all of the frights and mischief, the Vikings of Berk get into the spirit of the season with ghoulish farm animals, frightful decorations, and an all-new maze that is sure to get your knees knocking!

Tricks and treats await you in the Flight of Passage maze over in Berk. This harrowing labyrinth will take you through dark caverns, winding mazes and macabre puzzles. As you creep through each twist and turn, keep your eyes peeled for bloodcurdling spooks that hide in secret corners. Solve riddles and brain teasers while trying to avoid the hair-raising drops placed throughout the maze. Remember to always be on the lookout for beastly dragons that prowl in the shadows. When you’ve outwitted the puzzles and dodged every obstacle, you’ll receive a peculiarly luminescent reward. Don’t forget to snag a treasure chest or two from the Ruff n’ Tuff store on the way out of your spine-tingling adventure.

Dreadfall - Flight of Passage

The arrival of Dreadfall brings along new decorations and costumes. Creep through Berk and admire the ghostly lanterns and snarling faces carved into pumpkins. You can access all-new, limited-time items as well! Imagine how chilling your farm would be with a Tower of Pumpkins, a couple of Jack O’ Lanterns, a Spooky Barn and a few Harvest Torches! If typical livestock isn’t to your taste this time of the year, you can fill your haunted farm with ghostly radiant Dreadfall animals! Choose from a haunting selection of skeletal boars, sheep, chickens and yaks. All of these creepy creatures come in Dreadfall-exclusive colors: blue, green and orange. Soon, you’ll have a farm that will send even the mightiest warriors screaming for their mothers.

Scare your clan silly with petrifying Dreadfall masks and disguises! What better way to frighten your friends than by hopping out of the bushes while wearing a Grrr Troll Face mask? Temporarily transform yourself into your favorite dragon riders by slipping on the Not-Hiccup, Not-Snot, and Not-Fishlegs masks! Or go a step further and make your enemies tremble in fear by wearing The Face of Death mask into battle.

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With Dreadfall comes the arrival of a rare type of algae that’s only seen in Berk once a year! Glowing algae is the main food source for the ferociously frightening Flightmare, and consuming it will cause someone to glow as bright as a Jack-o-Lantern. Luckily, in the spirit of the season, students are now able to access vials of algae to give their dragon a gruesome glow. Each vial only lasts a few hours, and are available during Dreadfall, so be sure to stock up on these glowing goodies!

Unfortunately, the spooks and scares of Dreadfall won’t last all year. As the darkness gives way to a new season, the frightful masks, the swarms of bats and the haunted farm items will fade away into the ether. So stock up on Dreadfall screams while they’re here!

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