The Scientific Method for Kids

Scientists use the scientific method to identify problems in the world around us, collect relevant data, formulate hypotheses on the basis of this data and test it for consistency.

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What is the Scientific Method?

To put it simply, scientists use the scientific method to learn about and study the world. Irrespective of what you are trying to study, the scientific method almost always helps you arrive at the right answers.

When you apply the scientific method, the first step is to formulate a question. The next step is to collect sufficient information so that you can make an educated guess about the answer. This is known as the hypothesis. Then you conduct experiments to see if your hypothesis can be proved. The secret to carrying out successful experiments is to make sure you change only one variable at a time. This is how you know what factor led to the right answer. When you’ve run all the necessary tests, you present the final answer.

This is the scientific method in a nutshell!