New Characters in HTTYD: The Hidden World

The entire class of Vikings in Berk is back in action in all their glory for the third and final film of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon series. With exploration and adventures come new Vikings that challenge our favorite characters and are hogging the limelight, and for all the right reasons.

Here are the 5 exciting new arrivals to watch out for in The Hidden World:

1. Light Fury: The ‘Light’ to Toothless’ ‘Night’, this new Strike class dragon is our Night Fury’s love interest in the film. While Toothless is invisible in the darkness, the Light Fury has the power to heat her own scales until they start reflecting the environment, rendering her body invisible in the daytime. This ability is called ‘cloaking’, which allows her to blend in with her surroundings as a result of her mirror-like scales.

Look out for: Toothless’ endearing antics to win her over on their first date.

2. Grimmel the Grisly: The self-proclaimed ‘Night Fury killer’, Grimmel the Grisly is the main villain of the third flick. He believes dragons should either be imprisoned at all times, or better still, completely exterminated from the face of this earth.

Look out for: Grimmel’s evil tricks to control the Light Fury and capture Toothless.

3. Crimson Goregutter: Fearsome-looking yet gentle, the Crimson Goregutter is a large Boulder class dragon that enjoys a peaceful life. It is as large as a Typhoomerang and has moose-like antlers. If provoked, it can spew molten lava from its mouth onto its antlers before charging ahead.

Look out for: How this gigantic dragon sets the ball rolling for Hiccup’s search for the Hidden World.

4. Deathgripper: As scary in looks as their name sounds, the Deathgrippers are deadly Strike class dragons that have menacing pincers, poisonous tails and hunt in packs. Their green acid blasts are highly flammable and can melt most materials, even stone and metal.

Look out for: The sinister scenes in which Grimmel and the Deathgripper complement each other.

5. Fishmeat: Fishmeat (Fishlegs + Meatlug = Fishmeat) is definitely the star of the show, in addition to the Light Fury. The baby Gronckle is Meatlug’s offspring and Fishlegs carries him around everywhere, since he apparently 'couldn’t find a sitter'.

Look out for: The adorable maternal bond between Fishlegs and his dragon’s progeny.