Sentinel - Dragon

Deep in the Archipelago lies Vanaheim, a mystical island protected by stone-cut dragon statues. These statues are more than meets the eye, as Dragon Riders have discovered that these are real dragons known as Sentinels!

SentinelThe Sentinels spend their lives perched on the sea stacks all through the outskirts of Vanaheim, where they watch over the dragons who have made this island their final resting place. They ensure that only those in need are able to pass through to Vanaheim. If the Sentinels find a dragon or Viking intruding, they will do all that they can to protect the island and its inhabitants.

The sonic screech is used by the Sentinel to disorient their opponents. The Sentinel also uses its strong and powerful wings to defend the island by creating downdraft wingblasts. This move is strong enough to take out threats straight from both the sky and the ocean. Compared to other dragons, the Sentinel’s firepower is considered to be elite.

In addition to its impressive collection of defensive moves, the Sentinel is also known for having enhanced senses as a result of its inability to see. While Sentinels may be blind, this dragon is still able to move around and maneuver itself with relative ease. This is a result of having overly developed senses, especially its sense of smell. This ability has allowed the Sentinel to be able to recognize friend or foe from their scent alone.

The Sentinel’s advanced senses and impressive skills combined with its speed and agility make it quite a powerful dragon. Vikings who wish to experience the power and strength of the Sentinel firsthand can head over to the Trading Post to begin training this fierce dragon at the School of Dragons!

  • Firepower: 8.1
  • Shot Limit: 8
  • Damage per shot: 15
  • Critical Rating: 5
  • Speed: 6.1
  • Acceleration: 3.5
  • Health: 8.5
  • Armor: 7.5
  • Range: 2.5
  • Pitch: 4
  • Turn: 5.6

Sentinel - SOD