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Dragon Activities

School of Dragons is home to a bunch of stimulating and engaging dragon activities that encourage kids to think out of the box and hone their problem-solving talent. These activities for kids are a whole lot of fun too, ensuring the kids have a great time while they learn. Our range of dragon activities has been designed to appeal to children of all ages. There is variety available for kids of different ages and grades. Browse through our collection and print out our free and printable dragon activities depending on the grade your kid is in.


Free Dragon Activities for Kids – School of Dragons

From science to art and everything in between, the dragon activities for kids at School of Dragons are extensive and give kids the chance to learn new concepts in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere. There is variety to choose from. Whether it is the little dragons that appeal to your kids or the fire-spitting ones, whether they love to imagine themselves flying atop the winged dragons or watch the humongous ones locked in battle, the dragon activities here will keep the kids entertained, helping them enhance their imagination and find greater joy in what they are learning. Print them out today!