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The Clue of the Missing Socks

Author: Httyyd

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Chapter 1


It has been over a year since the demise of the Red Death dragon and Berk has since made peace with the dragons.  But since that day a lot has changed around Berk.  The discovery of new dragons, such as the Tyfoomerang and the Screaming Death. The knowledge of a new found enemy in Dagur the Deranged.  Also how to help the dragons when they are sick or in need of assistance.  The Outcasts have now learned how to use different dragons against Berk.  But probably the most important change was the discoveries of how to better train dragons; how to use dragons in differing situations such as protecting, defending, or attacking.


This has all resulted since Hiccup started the Dragon Training Academy where Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut have learned a wealth of knowledge about dragons.


I guess I should give a little background on my family before I get started with my story.  My name is Jarl Brodd Moller.  I have greenish eyes with short, wavy, brown hair.  Asvord is the oldest.  She has light blue eyes with long, straight, blonde hair which is usually in two long braids that lay down the front of her shoulders.  Asvord is one year older than me.  My younger sister, Elsa, has dark brown eyes with brown, shoulder length hair.  Elsa is two years younger than me.  My mother’s full name is Svana Thorodda Onundr.  She has bright, blue eyes with blond hair she keeps in a braided pony tail.


My father died when I was very little.  I don’t remember much about him, neither do my sisters.  My mother doesn’t talk much about my father except he was a great warrior but a better husband.  He was known as Sigvald Moller the Mighty.  People say he could lift the weight equal to a Gronckle and could hurl it over great distances.  My mother says he was one of Berk’s greatest warriors and gave his live protecting his home from a raiding band of Outcasts.


But, my story begins how I met Hiccup and his friends and also how me and my family started our journey on becoming Berk’s best… well I think I will just let you find that out for yourself.  What I am about to tell you is the events that led me to become what I am today.


- Httyyd


Chapter 2


“A troll has stolen my socks!  Ahh ha!  I knew there was a pattern.  Those pesky trolls, only stealing your left socks,” Gobber shouted in his house while he was looking through his drawers.


“There goes Gobber shouting a troll has stolen his socks again,” mumbles Tuffnut as he rolls over in his bed.


“Will Gobber ever go to sleep?  He has been waking up everybody for the past three days with his ‘A troll has stolen my socks’ routine.  We only tried to have some fun with him after his socks started to go missing, but he is really serious about this,” replies Ruffnut also in a mumbled tone as she, and the rest of the village, has not been getting enough sleep as of lately.


Gobber keeps shouting about the trolls about stealing his socks and the rest of the villagers start shouting back at him to go to sleep which in turns wakes up all of Berk.


“Ugg, why doesn’t he go to sleep and just forget about the idea of trolls?  The three times he has awakened the village with the shouts and rants about the twins the first and second times playing a prank him.  The third time was when the twins were trying to put back the socks they took,” Stoick said in dismay to his son Hiccup as they were staying up late looking at maps of Berk to find new places to build more catapults if there should be any attack by the Outcasts or Dagur and his armada.


“I don’t know Dad.  He has not been acting himself since his socks started disappearing.  This started five days ago when then colder weather had settled in.  But there have been some strange disappearances of random objects in our village.  For example, Snotlout’s saddle for Hookfang disappeared but was found in the twins’ house who admitted that they had no idea how it got there.  Also, Fishlegs misplacing some of his books one day while in the Great Hall, only to find them on his bookshelf in his house the very next day.  And…”


Stoick interrupted.  “Oh it is just either the twins playing a prank or someone just being careless with their belongings,” Hiccup was about to say something but his dad stopped him before he could say it.


“That is all we can do for tonight about the planning for the catapults.  Sleep well, as long as Gobber can restrain himself for the night,” Stoick finished and went into his bedroom while Hiccup walked upstairs to his room with his dragon, Toothless, right behind him.


Hiccup sat on the side of his bed with his dragon lying on the floor next to him.  His dragon looked at as if he knew Hiccup wanted to say something and was ready to listen.

“Toothless, I know misplacing a book or a bag could be considered ‘carelessness’, it is just Astrid lost her axe after practicing with it in the academy.  And it still hasn’t been found.  I know Astrid.  She wouldn’t just leave her axe laying around at the academy and forget where she put it.  She isn’t like that.  Besides, Astrid thinks someone took it.  I think that is more practical then her just forgetting about it.  Something else is going on and I need to find out what it is before this gets out of hand.”

- Httyyd