Clan Tournament - School of Dragons


Clans Unite! Is your Clan ready to take on the best, recruit the elite, and own the skies? School of Dragons' first ever Clan Tournament is testing your skills by going head-to-head with your own classroom Vikings. Whether you have sharp turns in Thunder Run Racing or precise shooting skills in Fireball Frenzy, it is time to put them to the test.

From Thursday (1/16) to Thursday (1/23), your Clan will be tested to see if you can earn the most Trophies. School of Dragons will be counting how many Trophies you have earned only over this week alone. A couple of Tournament guidelines:

  • We only count the Trophies earned during this week. Prior trophies earned will not matter.
  • This Tournament is available for any and all Clans to participate in, not just the top clans.
  • We do take into consideration the Clan size, so smaller clans can compete with the larger ones.
  • Only 1 Clan is the winner.
  • School of Dragons is following ALL of the Clans and tracking the Trophies earned. We will be announcing the winners, based off pure Trophies won!

All of the members of the winning Clan will each get their very own Saddle of Champions. This Saddle was hand designed by the School of Dragons team for the winning team. This Saddle does more than just look good also, it increases your dragon's racing speed by a great extent.

The Saddle of Champions

The Saddle of Champions - Dragon Game

So start earning Trophies today to claim the ultimate victory and bring your Clan glory! Does your Clan have what it takes to overcome your fellow Vikings? Teamwork is key to this whole battle, work with your Clan to make every Trophy count!

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