Death Song Island

Death Song Island

Once a beautiful haven for dragons and animals, Melody Island is a place that only the bravest Vikings dare journey to. Located outside Berk and the School of Dragons, Melody Island has earned the nickname “Death Song Island” because of its population of vicious Death Song dragons. Evidence of the presence of this invasive species can be found throughout the island. Its lush greenery is partially destroyed by the Death Song’s amber. The bones of the Death Songs’ latest meals are piled up throughout the island, a sight that is sure to send even the mighty Thor running for his life!

Before the invasion of Death Songs, some curious Vikings would venture out to explore Melody Island. Skulder the Archaeologist used to look for ancient artifacts there, and his old digging tools can still be found on the island. Though no Viking has set foot on the island in many moons, students and the Archaeologist can travel to his old campsite with the hopes of finding the Dragon Eye lens. This artifact could reveal how to prevent a Death Song infestation, so this journey to Melody Island is essential to Berk’s survival!

Some Vikings, like Snotlout, see the Death Song’s invasion as an opportunity to make some gold by collecting the dragon’s amber and turning it into materials to sell. Together, the two of you can travel to Death Song Island with the hopes of gathering amber without getting spotted or trapped! While this may seem like one of Snotlout’s mutton-headed get-rich-quick schemes, helping him out is sure to be an interesting adventure!

Remember to be on the lookout for hungry or territorial Death Songs! If you come across a ravenous Death Song, run (or fly) for your life. If you insist on vising this island, a safe trip can be made if you choose to ride on a Thunderdrum or if you plug your dragon’s ears to keep them from being entranced by the Death Song. With courage and determination, you may find that you have what it takes to explore Death Song Island!


As your elder brother, I must urge you to ignore your curiosity and banish all thoughts of Melody Island from your mind. It is nothing but a fool’s errand. Many Vikings and their dragons who travel there do not return. All I’ve heard are rumors and none of them are good, for beneath beautiful ocean views, rocky cliffs and lush greenery, there lies a creature too fearsome to even think about.

I tremble as I write this, but I must warn you. I know you will ignore my requests, as your heroic spirit rivals that of Thor himself. You cannot help it. It is in your nature to vanquish beasts and explore dangerous lands. I beg you to think like me for once.

For, you see, Melody Island contains a dragon that even other dragons fear: the Death Song. If its song doesn’t lure your dragon directly to it, its amber will trap the both of you. I warn you, brother, this dragon is nothing to laugh at. It is invasive, and it is ravenous. Melody Island holds nothing but terror for you, Arne, and I beg you not to be foolish.

May Odin Be With You,

Snorre Pilkfist

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