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Hiccup's Science Workshop

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Scientific Method Activity of the Week

Tin Foil Boats

How buoyant can you make your tin foil boat with added weight?
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Hiccup’s science workshop is where students, teachers and parents can find the resources they need to teach and learn science in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Learning and Teaching with the NGSS

The revolutionary science standards are the result of a nation-wide effort to standardize the student performance expectations for science and to come up with a model that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English and math. The final product, the , is designed to inculcate a sense of curiosity and wonder about the natural world, and to equip students with the critical thinking and investigative skills necessary to explore the world in a scientific manner. The implementation of these standards requires a shift in the teaching model commonly used to teach science. After all, the Next Generation Science Standards is not about memorizing science facts; it is about doing science.

Next Generation Science Standards Workshop

This NGSS workshop is where students can satisfy their innate curiosity about the world around them, and teachers can find free worksheets, cool activities and fun experiments to encourage scientific inquiry in their students. With easy access to information about the latest scientific discoveries, thought-provoking questions to inspire scientific investigations, and plenty of fun science teaching resources, children will no longer feel the same way about science. Grab your lab coat and goggles, and join Hiccup in his Next Generation Standards Science workshop!

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