Loot crates

The below charts show the individual drop rate per item that can be earned through the paid Mystery boxes.

Mystery Box of Fish
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Herring 26.09
Perch 26.09
Halibut 17.39
Brown Trout 13.04
Eel 8.70
Salmon 8.70

Mystery Box of Farm Supplies
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Booted Plant 6.86
Stone Bench 5.72
Maw Fire Pit 5.26
Bird Bath 4.81
Chicken Pen 4.58
Potted Plant 4.58
Helmet Plant 4.58
Hatted Plant 4.58
Wood Bench 4.58
Yak Pen 4.58
Sturdy Sheep Pen 4.12
Sturdy Chicken Pen 4.12
Garden Viking 4.12
Chalice Fire Pit 3.89
Barrel of Weapons 3.43
Whirly Gronckle 3.43
Whirly Nadder 3.43
Night Fury Totem 2.97
Dreadfall Skele-totem 2.97
Viking Totem 2.75
Green Dragon Totem 2.75
Fancy Barn 2.75
Viking Scare Dragon 2.29
Terrible Totem 2.29
Dipping Dragon 2.29
Barn 2.29

Mystery Box of Farm Stock
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Yak Feed 7.41
Turkey Feed 7.41
Dragon Nip 7.41
Chicken Feed 7.41
Sheep Feed 7.41
Corn 6.67
Peppermint 5.56
Cabbage 5.56
Black Wool 4.81
Sunflower 4.81
Chicken Egg 4.81
White Wool 4.81
Toothache Plant 4.44
Yak’s Milk 2.96
Carrot 2.96
Lavender 2.96
Pumpkin 2.96
Tomato 1.85
Black Sheep 1.85
White Sheep 1.85
White Chicken 1.48
Brown Chicken 1.48
Yak 1.11

Mystery Dragon Egg Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Gronckle Egg 8.55
Hideous Zippleback Egg 6.41
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 6.41
Deadly Nadder Egg 4.27
Thunderdrum Egg 4.27
Whispering Death Egg 4.27
Skrill Egg 2.14
Scauldron Egg 2.14
Scauldron Egg 2.14
Rumblehorn Egg 2.14
Flightmare Egg 2.14
Hobblegrunt Egg 2.14
Smokebreath Egg 2.14
Typhoomerang Egg 2.14
Raincutter Egg 2.14
Hotburple Egg 2.14
Snafflefang Egg 2.14
Changewing Egg 2.14
Fireworm Queen Egg 2.14
Tide Glider Egg 2.14
Scuttleclaw Egg 2.14
Sand Wraith Egg 2.14
Sweet Death Egg 2.14
Woolly Howl Egg 2.14
Shivertooth Egg 2.14
Speed Stinger Egg 2.14
Shockjaw Egg 2.14
Moldruffle Egg 2.14
Mudraker Egg 2.14
Razorwhip Egg 2.14
Grapple Grounder Egg 2.14
Snow Wraith Egg 2.14
Prickleboggle Egg 2.14
Sliquifier Egg 2.14
Boneknapper Egg 1.28
Stormcutter Egg 1.28
Screaming Death Egg 1.28
Snaptrapper Egg 1.28
Quaken Egg 0.43
Thunderpede Egg 0.43

Mystery Box of Farm Supplies Ticket
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Booted Plant 6.45
Stone Bench 5.38
Maw Fire Pit 4.95
Bird Bath 4.52
Yak Pen 4.30
Wood Bench 4.30
Hatted Plant 4.30
Helmet Plant 4.30
Potted Plant 4.30
Chicken Pen 4.30
Sheep Pen 4.30
Garden Viking 3.87
Sturdy Sheep Pen 3.87
Sturdy Chicken Pen 3.87
Chalice Fire Pit 3.66
Whirly Gronckle 3.23
Whirly Nadder 3.23
Barrel of Weapons 3.23
Night Fury Totem 2.80
Dreadfall Skele-totem 2.80
Fancy Barn 2.58
Green Dragon Totem 2.58
Viking Totem 2.58
Barn 2.15
Dipping Dragon 2.15
Terrible Totem 2.15
Viking Scare Dragon 2.15
Composter 1.72

Gold Tier World Chest 1
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Booted Plant 3.09
Stone Bench 3.09
The Allfather 3.09
Storm Forged 3.09
Feline Grace 3.09
Mask of the Thunder God 3.09
Hunter's Mask 3.09
Racing Statue No. 1 3.09
Deadly Nadder Totem 3.09
Sand Wraith Tiki Mask 3.09
Stormcutter Tiki Mask 3.09
Racing Statue No. 4 3.09
Whispering Death Totem 3.09
Viking Defender Statue 3.09
Leather Pauldrons 2.78
Whirly Nadder 2.78
Whirly Gronckle 2.78
Pink Rage Skull 2.78
The Groundsplitter Look 2.78
The Hookfang Look 2.78
The Stormfly Look 2.78
Green Rage Skull 2.78
Dragon Rider's Mask 2.78
Nightmare Racing Totem 2.78
Gronckle Racing Totem 2.78
Fireworm Queen Glow 2.78
Gronckle Warpaint 2.78
Hideous Zippleback Warpaint 2.78
Advanced Rod 2.32
Toothless Racing Totem 2.32
Flightmare Warpaint 2.32
Thunderdrum Warpaint 2.32
Raincutter Warpaint 2.32
Typhoomerang Warpaint 2.32
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 0.31
Deadly Nadder Egg 0.31
Gronckle Egg 0.31
Hideous Zippleback Egg 0.31
Defenders W. Death Saddle 0.31
Defenders Nightmare Saddle 0.31
Defenders Nadder Saddle 0.31
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 0.31
Composter 0.23
Old Wrinklys Cauldron 0.23
Thunderdrum Egg 0.23
Boulder Stable 0.23
Whispering Death Egg 0.23
Whirly Nadder 0.15
Friendship Arch 0.08

Gold Tier World Chest 2
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Rage Skull 3.27
The Meatlug Look 3.27
The Hookfang Look 3.27
The Thornado Look 3.27
The Stormfly Look 3.27
Green Rage Skull 3.27
Dragon Rider's Mask 3.27
Black Rage Skull 3.27
Racing Statue No. 1 3.27
Racing Statue No. 3 3.27
Night Fury Totem 2.94
Whirly Nadder 2.94
Gronckle Egg 2.94
Toothless Racing Totem 2.94
Gronckle Racing Totem 2.94
Zippleback Racing Totem 2.94
Nadder Racing Totem 2.94
Thunderdrum Warpaint 2.94
Whispering Death Warpaint 2.94
Typhoomerang Warpaint 2.94
Skrill Warpaint 2.94
Stormcutter Warpaint 2.94
M. Nightmare Warpaint 2.94
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 1.96
Hideous Zippleback Egg 1.96
Defenders Stormcutter Saddle 1.96
Defenders Gronckle Saddle 1.96
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle 1.96
Defenders Flightmare Saddle 1.96
Defenders Sweet Death Saddle 1.96
Defenders Nightmare Saddle 1.96
Defenders Zippleback Saddle 1.96
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle 1.96
D. Typhoomerang Saddle 1.96
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 1.96
Defenders Nadder Saddle 1.96
Thunderdrum Egg 0.82
Stoker Stable 0.82
Whispering Death Egg 0.82
Tidal Stable 0.82
Stormcutter Egg 0.16
Boulder Stable 0.08

Gold Tier World Chest 3
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Black Rage Skull 2.53
Green Rage Skull 2.53
Dragon Rider's Mask 2.53
The Stormfly Look 2.53
The Thornado Look 2.53
The Hookfang Look 2.53
The Meatlug Look 2.53
The Groundsplitter Look 2.53
Blue Rage Skull 2.53
Pink Rage Skull 2.53
Rage Skull 2.53
The Barf&Belch Look 2.53
M. Nightmare Warpaint 2.27
Hideous Zippleback Warpaint 2.27
Stormcutter Warpaint 2.27
Deadly Nadder Warpaint 2.27
Gronckle Warpaint 2.27
Skrill Warpaint 2.27
Typhoomerang Warpaint 2.27
Whispering Death Warpaint 2.27
Raincutter Warpaint 2.27
Fireworm Queen Glow 2.27
Flightmare Warpaint 2.27
Thunderdrum Warpaint 2.27
Defenders Woolly Howl Saddle 1.90
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 1.90
Defenders Skrill Saddle 1.90
D. Typhoomerang Saddle 1.90
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle 1.90
Defenders Smokebreath Saddle 1.90
Defenders Fireworm Queen Saddle 1.90
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle 1.90
Defenders Scauldron Saddle 1.90
Defender's S. Death Saddle 1.90
Defenders Hotburple Saddle 1.90
Defenders Scuttleclaw Saddle 1.90
Defenders Shivertooth Saddle 1.90
Defenders Snafflefang Saddle 1.90
Hideous Zippleback Egg 1.90
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 1.90
Gronckle Egg 1.90
Fancy Barn 1.90
Old Wrinklys Cauldron 1.01
Tidal Stable 1.01
Whispering Death Egg 1.01
Stoker Stable 1.01
Boulder Stable 1.01
Thunderdrum Egg 1.01
Deadly Nadder Egg 1.01
Composter 1.01
Sleek Thunderdrum Saddle 0.13
Defenders Moldruffle Saddle 0.06

Platinum Tier World Chest 1
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Hideous Zippleback Warpaint 2.10
Deadly Nadder Warpaint 2.10
Gronckle Warpaint 2.10
Stormcutter Warpaint 2.10
Fireworm Queen Glow 2.10
Turtle Pond 2.10
Whispering Death Warpaint 2.10
The Stormfly Look 2.10
The Thornado Look 2.10
The Hookfang Look 2.10
The Meatlug Look 2.10
The Groundsplitter Look 2.10
The Barf&Belch Look 2.10
Improved Rod 2.10
M. Nightmare Warpaint 1.89
Skrill Warpaint 1.89
Typhoomerang Warpaint 1.89
Raincutter Warpaint 1.89
Thunderdrum Warpaint 1.89
Flightmare Warpaint 1.89
Toothless Racing Totem 1.89
Dragon Rider's Pauldrons 1.89
Advanced Rod 1.89
Defenders Woolly Howl Saddle 1.42
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 1.42
Defenders Night Fury Saddle 1.42
Defenders Skrill Saddle 1.42
Defenders Nadder Saddle 1.42
Defenders Nightmare Saddle 1.42
Defenders Fireworm Queen Saddle 1.42
Defenders Hobblegrunt Saddle 1.42
D. Typhoomerang Saddle 1.42
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle 1.42
Defenders Changewing Saddle 1.42
Defenders Smokebreath Saddle 1.42
Defenders W. Death Saddle 1.42
Defenders Snafflefang Saddle 1.42
Defender's S. Death Saddle 1.42
Defenders Zippleback Saddle 1.42
Defenders Flightmare Saddle 1.42
Defenders Sweet Death Saddle 1.42
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle 1.42
Defenders Scauldron Saddle 1.42
D. Thunderdrum Saddle 1.42
Defenders Tide Glider Saddle 1.42
Defenders Shivertooth Saddle 1.42
Defenders Stormcutter Saddle 1.42
Defenders Gronckle Saddle 1.42
Defenders Raincutter Saddle 1.42
Defenders Scuttleclaw Saddle 1.42
Defenders Hotburple Saddle 1.42
Defenders Moldruffle Saddle 1.42
Hideous Zippleback Egg 1.42
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 1.42
Gronckle Egg 1.42
Whispering Death Egg 0.84
Boulder Stable 0.84
Tidal Stable 0.84
Stoker Stable 0.84
Deadly Nadder Egg 0.84
Thunderdrum Egg 0.84
Old Wrinklys Cauldron 0.84
Composter 0.84
Sweet Death Egg 0.11
Sweet Death Egg 0.05
Shivertooth Egg 0.05
Speed Stinger Egg 0.05
Groncicle Egg 0.05
Woolly Howl Egg 0.05
Mudraker Egg 0.05
Grapple Grounder Egg 0.05
Shockjaw Egg 0.05
Moldruffle Egg 0.05
Fireworm Queen Egg 0.05
Changewing Egg 0.05
Tide Glider Egg 0.05
Scuttleclaw Egg 0.05
Sand Wraith Egg 0.05
Smokebreath Egg 0.05
Typhoomerang Egg 0.05
Raincutter Egg 0.05
Hotburple Egg 0.05
Boulder Stable 0.05
Skrill Egg 0.05
Flightmare Egg 0.05
Rumblehorn Egg 0.05
Scauldron Egg 0.05

Platinum Tier World Chest 2
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Leather Pauldrons 1.90
Gronckle Egg 1.90
Dragon Rider's Pauldrons 1.90
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 1.90
Hideous Zippleback Egg 1.90
Zippleback Racing Totem 1.90
Gronckle Racing Totem 1.90
Nightmare Racing Totem 1.90
Nadder Racing Totem 1.90
Thunderdrum Warpaint 1.90
Flightmare Warpaint 1.90
Raincutter Warpaint 1.90
Fireworm Queen Glow 1.90
Whispering Death Warpaint 1.90
Defenders Shivertooth Saddle 1.90
Defenders Stormcutter Saddle 1.90
Skrill Warpaint 1.90
Defenders Scuttleclaw Saddle 1.90
Defenders Raincutter Saddle 1.90
Typhoomerang Warpaint 1.90
Defenders Gronckle Saddle 1.90
Defenders Hotburple Saddle 1.90
Gronckle Warpaint 1.90
Defenders Moldruffle Saddle 1.90
Defender's S. Death Saddle 1.90
Defenders Snafflefang Saddle 1.90
Defenders W. Death Saddle 1.90
Defenders Scauldron Saddle 1.90
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle 1.90
Defenders Tide Glider Saddle 1.90
D. Thunderdrum Saddle 1.90
Defenders Sweet Death Saddle 1.90
Defenders Flightmare Saddle 1.90
Defenders Zippleback Saddle 1.90
Defenders Fireworm Queen Saddle 1.90
Defenders Hobblegrunt Saddle 1.90
M. Nightmare Warpaint 1.90
Defenders Smokebreath Saddle 1.90
Defenders Changewing Saddle 1.90
Defenders Nightmare Saddle 1.90
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle 1.90
D. Typhoomerang Saddle 1.90
Defenders Woolly Howl Saddle 1.90
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 1.90
Defenders Nadder Saddle 1.90
Defenders Skrill Saddle 1.90
Defenders Night Fury Saddle 1.90
Composter 1.01
Deadly Nadder Egg 1.01
Thunderdrum Egg 1.01
Whispering Death Egg 1.01
Boulder Stable 1.01
Tidal Stable 1.01
Stoker Stable 1.01
Old Wrinklys Cauldron 1.01
Hobblegrunt Egg 1.01
Boneknapper Egg 0.14
Skrill Egg 0.06
Scauldron Egg 0.06
Rumblehorn Egg 0.06
Flightmare Egg 0.06
Hotburple Egg 0.06
Raincutter Egg 0.06
Typhoomerang Egg 0.06
Smokebreath Egg 0.06
Changewing Egg 0.06
Fireworm Queen Egg 0.06
Tide Glider Egg 0.06
Sand Wraith Egg 0.06
Scuttleclaw Egg 0.06
Shockjaw Egg 0.06
Moldruffle Egg 0.06
Grapple Grounder Egg 0.06
Mudraker Egg 0.06
Speed Stinger Egg 0.06
Shivertooth Egg 0.06
Woolly Howl Egg 0.06
Groncicle Egg 0.06
Sweet Death Egg 0.06
Cavernous Stables 0.04
Snafflefang Egg 0.04
Boneknapper Egg 0.04
Stormcutter Egg 0.01
Screaming Death Egg 0.01

Platinum Tier World Chest 3
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Defenders Night Fury Saddle 2.35
Defenders Skrill Saddle 2.35
Defenders Nadder Saddle 2.35
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle 2.35
Defenders Woolly Howl Saddle 2.35
D. Typhoomerang Saddle 2.35
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle 2.35
Defenders Nightmare Saddle 2.35
Defenders Changewing Saddle 2.35
Defenders Smokebreath Saddle 2.35
Defenders Hobblegrunt Saddle 2.35
Defenders Fireworm Queen Saddle 2.35
Defenders Sweet Death Saddle 2.35
Defenders Zippleback Saddle 2.35
Defenders Flightmare Saddle 2.35
D. Thunderdrum Saddle 2.35
Defenders Tide Glider Saddle 2.35
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle 2.35
Defenders Scauldron Saddle 2.35
Defenders W. Death Saddle 2.35
Defenders Snafflefang Saddle 2.35
Defender's S. Death Saddle 2.35
Defenders Moldruffle Saddle 2.35
Defenders Hotburple Saddle 2.35
Defenders Gronckle Saddle 2.35
Defenders Raincutter Saddle 2.35
Defenders Scuttleclaw Saddle 2.35
Defenders Stormcutter Saddle 2.35
Defenders Shivertooth Saddle 2.35
Hideous Zippleback Egg 2.35
Monstrous Nightmare Egg 2.35
Old Wrinklys Cauldron 1.88
Stoker Stable 1.88
Tidal Stable 1.88
Boulder Stable 1.88
Whispering Death Egg 1.88
Thunderdrum Egg 1.88
Deadly Nadder Egg 1.88
Composter 1.88
Sweet Death Egg 0.47
Groncicle Egg 0.47
Woolly Howl Egg 0.47
Shivertooth Egg 0.47
Speed Stinger Egg 0.47
Mudraker Egg 0.47
Grapple Grounder Egg 0.47
Moldruffle Egg 0.47
Shockjaw Egg 0.47
Scuttleclaw Egg 0.47
Sand Wraith Egg 0.47
Tide Glider Egg 0.47
Fireworm Queen Egg 0.47
Changewing Egg 0.47
Smokebreath Egg 0.47
Typhoomerang Egg 0.47
Raincutter Egg 0.47
Hotburple Egg 0.47
Flightmare Egg 0.47
Rumblehorn Egg 0.47
Scauldron Egg 0.47
Skrill Egg 0.47
Screaming Death Egg 0.31
Boneknapper Egg 0.31
Snafflefang Egg 0.31
Stormcutter Egg 0.31
Mysterious Dragon Egg 0.19
Moldruffle Egg 0.08
Cavernous Stables 0.08

Thawfest 2022 Mystery Item Chest (Store)
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Red Thawfest Sheep2
Green Thawfest Sheep2
Spotted Thawfest Sheep2
Toothless Homecoming Armor0.1
Lance of Legend0.7
Winged Gladiator Helmet2
The Shield of Victors1.3
The Spot2.3
Race Stripe2.3
Dual Stripes2.3
The Fierce2.3
Thawfest Sheep Pen1.3
Large Thawfest Sheep Pen1.2
Thawfest Throne1.2
Thawfest Cheerful Statue1.2
Thawfest Traditional Statue1.2
Thawfest Ceremonial Statue1.2
Thawfest Axe Statue1.2
Thawfest Ancestry Statue1.2
Nadder Thawfest Paint0.7
Gronckle Thawfest Paint0.7
Monstrous Nightmare Thawfest Paint0.7
Zippleback Thawfest Paint0.7
Eret Dragon Armor0.2
Eret Thawfest Dragon Armor0.2
Thawfest Trophies1.2
Toothless Thawfest Paint0.3
Alpha Toothless Thawfest Paint0.3
Light Fury Thawfest Paint0.3
Gobber's Boot Of Doom0.8
Thawfest Farm Banner0.4
Competitor's Shirt1
Zapplejack Thawfest Paint0.7
Snaptrapper Nature Skin0.4
Ridgesnipper Nature Skin0.4
Dramillion Natural Skin0.4
Hobblegrunt Nature Skin0.4
Sweet Death Nature Skin0.4
Old Gronckle War Machine0.4
Dart Thawfest Paint0.3
Pouncer Thawfest Paint0.3
Ruffrunner Thawfest Paint0.3
Bork the Bold Head1.2
Bork the Bold's Epic Sword1.1
Thawfest Braid1.7
Thawfest Screaming Death Helm1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Trousers1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Faceplate1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Boots1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Chest1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Wristguards1.3
Thawfest Screaming Death Shoulders1.3
Legendary Bork the Bold Boulder Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Mystery Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Sharp Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Stoker Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Strike Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Tidal Sword0.8
Legendary Bork the Bold Tracker Sword0.8
Astrids Wooden Crossbow1.1
Boulder Pennant1.2
Mystery Pennant1.2
Sharp Pennant1.2
Stoker Pennant1.2
Strike Pennant1.2
Tidal Pennant1.2
Tracker Pennant1.2
Bork the Bold Statue1.2
Epic Seastormer Axe1.1
Brown Thawfest Chicken2.7
White Thawfest Chicken2.7
Stormcutter Dragon Armor0.2
Valhalla Outfit1
Sturdy Thawfest Chicken Pen1.2
Book Of Dragons Hideout Decor1.2
Seastormer Thawfest Paint0.7
Blue Mohawk Thawfest Chicken2.7
Red Mohawk Thawfest Chicken2.7
Galeslash Thawfest Paint0.7
Triple Stryke Thawfest Paint0.7
Changewing Thawfest Paint0.7
Singetail Thawfest Paint0.7
Slitherwing Thawfest Paint0.7
Chimeragon Thawfest Paint0.7
Cavern Crasher Thawfest Paint0.7
Dreadstrider Thawfest Paint0.7
Skrillknapper Thawfest Paint0.7
Hushboggle Thawfest Paint0.7
Owl Tree1
Hushboggle Thawfest Saddle0.5
Ridgesnipper Thawfest Saddle0.5
Seastormer Thawfest Saddle0.5
Slitherwing Thawfest Saddle0.5
Chimeragon Thawfest Saddle0.5
Cavern Crasher Thawfest Saddle0.5
Epic Zipplewraith Axe1.1
Brown Thawfest Owl1.3

Iron Thawfest Medal Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 100 Medals5
Up to 75 Medals30
30 to 50 Medals65

Thawfest Box Gold
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 225 Medals5
Up to 200 Medals15
Up to 175 Medals20
Up to 150 Medals45
Up to 125 Medals10
75 to 100 Medals5

Thawfest Box Platinum
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 350 DC1
Up to 325 DC5
Up to 300 DC15
Up to 275 DC20
Up to 250 DC44
200 to 225 DC15

Spring Maze Chest 1
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Chicken Egg6.1
Pink Rage Skull6.1
Blue Rage Skull6.1
Green Rage Skull6.1
Black Rage Skull6.1
Gronckle Egg1.5
Deadly Nadder Egg1.5
Monstrous Nightmare Egg1.5
Hideous Zippleback Egg1.5
Angler Fish6.1
Viper Fish6.1
Ozark Cavefish6.1
Sliquifier Egg1.2
Snaptrapper Egg1.2
Brown Thawfest Chicken9.1
White Thawfest Chicken9.1

Spring Maze Chest 2
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Stone Bench7.8
Rage Skull4.7
Dragon Rider's Mask4.7
Gronckle Egg3.9
Deadly Nadder Egg3.9
Monstrous Nightmare Egg3.9
Thunderdrum Egg3.9
Whispering Death Egg3.9
Hideous Zippleback Egg3.9
Hunters Mask4.7
Racing Statue No. 17.8
Racing Statue No. 27.8
Racing Statue No. 37.8
Whispering Death Totem11.7
Viking Defender Statue7.8
Deadly Nadder Totem11.7

Spring Maze Chest 3
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Friendship Arch3
Dragon Rider's Mask5
Gronckle Egg2.5
Deadly Nadder Egg2.5
Monstrous Nightmare Egg2.5
Thunderdrum Egg2
Whispering Death Egg2
Hideous Zippleback Egg2.5
Thunderdrum Totem7.4
Flightmare Totem7.4
Raincutter Totem7.4
Whispering Death Totem7.4
Monstrous Nightmare Totem7.4
Shivertooth Egg2
Hideous Zippleback Totem7.4
Skrill Totem7.4
Typhoomerang Totem7.4
Gronckle Totem7.4
Stormcutter Totem7.4
Grapple Grounder Egg2

Spring Maze Chest 4
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Advanced Rod10.1
Whirly Gronckle3
Whirly Nadder3
The Groundsplitter Look3
The Hookfang Look3
The Stormfly Look3
Gronckle Egg2.5
Toothless Racing Totem7.6
Nightmare Racing Totem7.6
Gronckle Racing Totem7.6
Thunderdrum Warpaint5.1
Flightmare Warpaint5.1
Fireworm Queen Glow3
Raincutter Warpaint5.1
Defenders Nadder Saddle4
Defenders Nightmare Saddle4
Hideous Zippleback Warpaint5.1
Defenders W. Death Saddle4
Typhoomerang Warpaint5.1
Defenders Gronckle Saddle4
Gronckle Warpaint5.1

Spring Maze Chest 5
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Night Fury Totem2
Whirly Nadder2.9
Gronckle Egg2.4
Monstrous Nightmare Egg2.4
Thunderdrum Egg2.4
Whispering Death Egg2.4
Hideous Zippleback Egg2.4
Stoker Stable1.5
Tidal Stable1.5
Toothless Racing Totem2.9
Zippleback Racing Totem2.9
Gronckle Racing Totem2.9
Nadder Racing Totem2.9
Thunderdrum Warpaint2.9
Whispering Death Warpaint2.9
Defenders Nadder Saddle3.9
Defenders Rumblehorn Saddle3.9
M. Nightmare Warpaint4.9
Defenders Nightmare Saddle3.9
D. Typhoomerang Saddle3.9
Defenders Boneknapper Saddle3.9
Defenders Zippleback Saddle3.9
Defenders Flightmare Saddle3.9
Defenders Sweet Death Saddle3.9
Defenders Sand Wraith Saddle3.9
Skrill Warpaint4.9
Defenders Stormcutter Saddle3.9
Typhoomerang Warpaint4.9
Defenders Gronckle Saddle3.9
Stormcutter Warpaint Stripes4.9

Spring Maze Chest 7
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Gronckle Egg3.1
Deadly Nadder Egg3.1
Monstrous Nightmare Egg3.1
Thunderdrum Egg3.1
Whispering Death Egg3.1
Hideous Zippleback Egg3.1
Boulder Stable2
Stoker Stable2
Tidal Stable2
Skrill Egg2
Scauldron Egg2
Rumblehorn Egg3.1
Flightmare Egg3.1
Smokebreath Egg2
Typhoomerang Egg2
Raincutter Egg3.1
Boneknapper Egg2
Hotburple Egg2
Snafflefang Egg3.1
Stormcutter Egg1.5
Changewing Egg2
Screaming Death Egg2
Fireworm Queen Egg2
Tide Glider Egg2
Scuttleclaw Egg2
Sand Wraith Egg3.1
Sweet Death Egg3.1
Woolly Howl Egg2
Shivertooth Egg3.1
Speed Stinger Egg2
Shockjaw Egg3.1
Moldruffle Egg3.1
Mudraker Egg3.1
Razorwhip Egg2
Grapple Grounder Egg3.1
Devilish Dervish Egg3.1
Slithersong Egg2
Sovelhelm Egg3.1
Skrilknapper Egg0.8
Ghastly Zapplejack Egg0.8
Ridgesnipper Egg0.8
Chimeragon Egg0.8

Spring Maze Chest 8
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Tracker Pennant14.3
Boulder Pennant14.3
Mystery Pennant14.3
Sharp Pennant14.3
Stoker Pennant14.3
Strike Pennant14.3
Tidal Pennant14.3

Treasure Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Slavic War Throne 0.66
Gold Toothless Helm 0.66
Gold Toothless Pants 0.66
Gold Toothless Mask 1.97
Gold Toothless Boots 0.66
Gold Toothless Pauldrons 0.66
Gold Toothless Bracers 0.66
Gold Toothless Armor 0.66
Ruffrunner Hammer 0.66
Dart Crossbow 0.66
Pouncer Axe 0.66
Dart Dragon Armor 0.33
Pouncer Dragon Armor 0.33
Ruffrunner Dragon Armor 0.33
Hidden World Outfit 3.28
Hideout Defenders Banner 3.28
Farm Defenders Banner 3.28
Legendary Eret hammer 1.64
Silver Fury Mask 3.28
Deadly Nadder Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Gronckle Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Monstrous Nightmare Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Light Fury Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Dart Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Ruffrunner Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Pouncer Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Hideous Zippleback Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Stormcutter Defenders HW Paint 4.92
Silver Fury Hood 0.66
Silver Fury Pants 0.66
Silver Fury Boots 0.66
Silver Fury Pauldrons 0.66
Silver Fury Chestplate 0.33
Silver Fury Bracers 0.66
Male Summer Hair 13.11
Toothless Weapon Rack 1.64
Sheep Costume Ruffrunner Style 1.64
Sheep Costume Dart Style 1.64
Sheep Costume Pouncer Style 1.64
Night Light Sheep Pen 1.64
Nose Band face Paint 1.64
Tabby face paint 1.64
Azteca face paint 1.64
Bandit face paint 1.64

Iron Note Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 20 Notes 7.00
Up to 15 Notes 20.00
6 to 10 Notes 74.00

Silver Note Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 45 Notes 5.00
Up to 40 Notes 11.00
Up to 35 Notes 21.00
Up to 30 Notes 51.00
Up to 25 Notes 10.00
15 to 20 Notes 6.00

Gold Note Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 70 Notes 4.00
Up to 65 Notes 8.00
Up to 60 Notes 25.00
Up to 55 Notes 47.00
Up to 50 Notes 12.00
40 to 45 Notes 7.00

Silver Dreadfall Candy Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 100 DC 5.00
Up to 75 DC 30.00
30 to 50 DC 65.00

Gold Dreadfall Candy Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 225 DC 5.00
Up to 200 DC 15.00
Up to 175 DC 20.00
Up to 150 DC 45.00
Up to 125 DC 10.00
75 to 100 DC 5.00

Platinum Dreadfall Candy Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 350 DC 1.00
Up to 325 DC 5.00
Up to 300 DC 15.00
Up to 275 DC 20.00
Up to 250 DC 44.00
200 to 225 DC 15.00

Dreadfall Treasure Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Deathly Galeslash Dreadfall Bones3.04
Razorwhip Dreadfall Bones3.04
Skrill Dreadfall Bones3.04
Stormcutter Dreadfall Bones3.04
Triple Stryke Dreadfall Bones3.04
Golden Orb Spider2.7
Spider Web2.7
Dread Spider2.7
Skrill Aurora Mask2.7
Skrill Aurora Helm2.7
Skrill Aurora Legplates2.7
Skrill Aurora Boots2.7
Skrill Aurora Shoulders2.7
Skrill Aurora Chestplate2.7
Skrill Aurora Wrists2.7
Dreadfall Stripes2.02
Dreadfall Tribal Stripes2.02
Dreadfall Skull Stripes2.02
Dreadfall Sharp2.02
Flightmare Dreadfall Torch2.02
Flightmare Dreadfall Statue2.02
Dreaded Flightmare Fountain2.02
Eddie's/Lily's Hairdo1.35
Dread Leather Outfit1.35
Epic Humbanger Axe1.08
Dart Pumpkin Skin1.01
Pouncer Pumpkin Skin1.01
Ruffrunner Pumpkin Skin1.01
Blue Dreadfall Yak0.78
Green Dreadfall Yak0.78
Orange Dreadfall Yak0.78
Dreadfall Boar Pen0.78
Blue Dreadfall Boar0.78
Green Dreadfall Boar0.78
Orange Dreadfall Boar0.78
Blue Dreadfall Chicken0.78
Green Dreadfall Chicken0.78
Orange Dreadfall Chicken0.78
Blue Dreadfall Sheep0.78
Green Dreadfall Sheep0.78
Orange Dreadfall Sheep0.78
Green Dreadfall Turtle0.78
Orange Dreadfall Turtle0.78
Dreadfall Turtle Pond0.78
Blue Dreadfall Turtle0.78
Dreadfall Stable0.7
Flightmare Cauldron0.7
Dreadfall Skeleton Outfit0.7
Gronckle Skeleton Paint0.67
Hobgobbler Skeleton Paint0.67
Nightmare Skeleton Paint0.67
Zippleback Skeleton Paint0.67
Nadder Skeleton Paint0.67
Smitten Hobgobbler Skeleton Paint0.67
Dart Hiccup Logo Skin0.67
Pouncer Hiccup Logo Skin0.67
Ruffrunner Hiccup Logo Skin0.67
Legendary Humbanger Axe0.67
Spooky Barn0.33
Dreadfall Nadder Skin0.33
Vivid Dreadfall Nadder Skin0.33
Dreadfall Gronckle Skin0.33
Vivid Dreadfall Gronckle Skin0.33
Dreadfall Nightmare Skin0.33
Vivid Dreadfall Nightmare Skin0.33
Dreadfall Toothless Skin0.33
Vivid Dreadfall Toothless Skin0.33
Dreadfall Zippleback Skin0.33
Vivid Dreadfall Zippleback Skin0.33
Dreadfall Skele-totem0.33
The Furious Night (Farm tree)0.33
Whispering Death Gate0.33
Whispering Death Pillar0.33
Mask of Vanaheim0.33
Flightmare Skull0.33
Whirly Flightmare0.33
The Demon Tree0.33
Dreadfall Tree0.33
Skull Torch0.33
Flightmare Wind Sock0.33
Toothless Visage (mask)0.33
Whispering Death Fence020.33
Dreadfall Brazier0.33
Glowing Pumpkin Skull0.33
Dreadfall Sheep Pen0.33
Viking Skull (farm)0.33
Great Pumpkin Skull0.33
Bountiful Harvest0.33
Spookiest Tree0.33
Jack O' Lantern0.33
Dreadfall Pumpkin Stack0.33
Tower of Pumpkins0.33
Mask of the Underworld0.33
Jack O Mask0.33
Carved Dreadfall Jack-o-Lantern0.33
Noble Bones0.33
Autumn Leaves0.33
Grrr Torch0.33
Harvest Torch0.33
Dreadfall Hiccup Skull0.33
Dreadfall Throne0.33

Dreadfall Maze Treasure Chest 1
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Death Metal Mask3.21
Runic Battle mask3.21
Toothless Visage1.6
Golden Orb Spider6.42
Spider Web3.21
Spookiest Tree3.21
Dreadfall Braizer3.21
Spooky Gronckle3.21
Whirly Neon nadder2.56
Tower of Pumpkins3.21
Smiley Torch3.21
Bountiful Harvest1.6
The Furious Night0.48
Autumn Leaves6.42
Grr Torch6.42
Skull Torch7.06
Dreadfall Sheep Pen3.21
Jack O'Lantern6.42
Spooky Barn3.21
Harvest Torch8.02
Jack O Mask6.42
Noble Bones6.42
Delighted Skelly6.42
The Trickster Mask1.6

Dreadfall Maze Treasure Chest 3
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Rage Skull6.04
Green Rage Skull6.04
Black Rage Skull6.04
Pink Rage Skull6.04
Blue Rage Skull6.04
Boneknapper Mask3.35
Dagur Mask3.35
Eret Mask3.35
Stormheart mask3.35
Chieftan Mask4.02
Grrr Troll Face Mask4.02
Face of Death Mask2.68
The Trickster Mask1.67
Toothless Visage1.67
False Astrid Mask3.35
Not a Tough Twin Mask3.35
Not a Rough Twin Mask3.35
Terrifying Villain Mask3.35
Nadder Tiki Mask3.35
sand Wraith Tiki Mask3.35
Stormcutter Tiki Mask3.35
Sweet Death Tiki mask3.35
50-60 Dreadfall Candy3.35

Dreadfall Maze Treasure Chest 4
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Dreadfall Sheep Pen4.87
2 Blue Dreadfall Sheep4.87
2 Green Dreadfall Sheep4.87
Blue Dreadfall Yak4.87
Green Dreadfall Yak4.87
Orange Dreadfall Yak4.87
Dreadfall Boar Pen4.87
Blue Dreadfall Boar4.87
Green Dreadfall Boar4.87
Orange Dreadfall Boar4.87
Blue Dreadfall Chicken4.87
Green Dreadfall Chicken4.87
Orange Dreadfall Chicken4.87
Green Dreadfall Turtle2.43
Orange Dreadfall Turtle2.43
Dreadfall Turtle Pond2.43
2 Orange Dreadfall Sheep4.87
Golden Orb Spider4.87
Spider Web4.87
Black Dread Spider9.75
Blue Dreadfall Turtle4.87

Dreadfall Maze Treasure Chest 5
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Rage Skull5.61
Green Rage Skull5.61
Black Rage Skull5.61
Whirly Gronckle5.05
Whirly Neon Nadder5.05
Whirly nadder5.05
Whirly Flightmare5.05
Whirly Triple stryke5.05
Zippleback racing totem5.05
Gronckle Racing totem5.05
Nadder Racing totem5.05
Toothless Racing totem5.05
Night Fury Totem5.05
Stoker Stable1.4
Tidal Stable1.4
Boulder Stable0.42
Old Wrinkleys Cauldron0.42
Pink Rage Skull5.61
Blue Rage Skull5.61
Dagur Mask4.21
Eret Mask4.21
Stormheart mask4.21

Dreadfall Maze Treasure Chest 8
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Grapple Grounder Egg3.75
Sand Wraith Egg3.75
Sweet Death Egg3.75
Razorwhip Egg7.5
Woolly Howl Egg3.75
Shivertooth Egg3.75
Speed Stinger Egg3.75
Shockjaw Egg3.75
Moldruffle Egg3.75
Fireworm Queen Egg3.75
Tide Glider Egg3.75
Flightmare egg25
Smokebreath egg3.75
Typhoomerang Egg3.75
Skrill egg3.75
Boneknapper egg2.5
Screaming Death egg2.5
Deathgripper egg3.75
Dreadstrider egg2.5
Cavern Crasher egg2.5
Fire Terror2.5

Snoggletog 2021 Treasure Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Stoick's Beard5.5
Snoggletog Yak3.6
Snoggletog Golden Outfit2.3
Light Fury Mask1.8
Not-Light Dart Mask1.8
Not-Light Pouncer Mask1.8
Not-Light Ruffrunner Mask1.8
Snoggletog Homecoming Tree1.8
Snoggletog Flake1.8
Snoggletog Frost Mask1.8
Snoggletog Streak1.8
Snoggletog Blizz1.8
Golden Dragon Helmet1.8
Dart Snoggletog Saddle1.8
Pouncer Snoggletog Saddle1.8
Ruffrunner Snoggletog Saddle1.8
Snoggletog Elk1.4
Single Weapon Wall Rack1.4
Dual Weapon Statue Rack1.4
Weapon Storage Chest1.4
Snoggletog Blue Décor Egg1.4
Snoggletog Green Décor Egg1.4
Snoggletog Purple Décor Egg1.4
Defenders Ice Sculpture1.4
Sigil Ice Sculpture1.4
Knitted Hobgobbler Cap0.9
Hobgobbler Snoggletog Sweater0.9
Knitted Dart Cap0.9
Knitted Ruffrunner Cap0.9
Knitted Pouncer Cap0.9
Turkey Perch0.9
Snoggletog Elk Pen0.9
Arctic Fox Pen0.9
Bunny Corral0.9
Festive Sheep Pen0.9
Snoggletog Well0.9
Merriest Snoggletog (antler hat)0.9
Fuzzy hat of Cheer/Delight0.9
Snoggletog Hat0.9
Gleeful bells0.9
Snoggletog Terror-izer0.9
Snoggletog Bells Sheep0.9
Snoggletog Ribbon Sheep0.9
Snoggletog Hideout Tree0.9
Snoggletog Wreath0.9
Snoggletog Lighted Antlers0.9
Snow viking0.9
Arctic Fox0.9
Slithering Snow-Wing skin0.9
Snow-Crasher skin0.9
Snow-ibumble skin0.7
Death Snow skin0.7
Snow-worm Queen skin0.7
Snow-tinel skin0.7
Crimson Snow-gutter skin0.7
Deadly nadder Onesie0.6
Gronckle Onesie0.6
Nightmare Onesie0.6
Zippleback Onesie0.6
Frozen Groncicle Helm0.5
Toothless Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Meatlug Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Barf & Belch's Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Stormfly's Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Hookfang's Snoogletog Sweater0.5
The Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Night Light Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Light Fury Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Cheerful Gronckle-gig0.5
Deadly Snoggle-gig0.5
Snoggletog Post0.5
Snoggletog Tree0.5
Snoggletog Candles0.5
Thunderdrum Snowman0.5
Some Snoggletog gifts0.5
Whirly Snoggletog Zippleback0.5
Gronckle Snowman0.5
Bellowing Snoggletog Statue0.5
Hiccup Gift Set0.5
Snoggletog Wreath Garland0.5
Snoggletog Wreath Axe0.5
Snoggletog Zippleback Saddle0.5
Snoggletog Death Saddle0.5
Snoggletog Nightmare Saddle0.5
Snoggletog Gronckle Saddle0.5
Snoggletog Nadder Saddle0.5
Snoggletog Thunderdrum Saddle0.5
Gronckle Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Nadder Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Nightmare Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Zippleback Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Dramillion Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Triple Stryke Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Snow Wraith Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Groncicle Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Stormcutter Ugly Snoggletog Sweater0.5
Snow Bath0.5
Faux Snow Chateau0.5
Snowy Toothless0.5
Good Child Presents0.5
Groncky the Grumpy0.5
Baby Snow Nadder0.5
Snoggletog Wreath0.5
Snoggletog Garland Lamps0.5
Chimeragon Egg0.5
Tall Prop Tree Decoration0.5
Medium Prop Tree Decoration0.5
Small Prop Tree Decoration0.5

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure Chest (FARM DECOR) 1
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Snoggletog Well2.3
Cheerful Gronckle-gig2.3
Deadly Snoggle-gig2.3
Snoggletog Post2.3
Snoggletog Tree2.3
Snoggletog Candles2.3
Thunderdrum Snowman2.3
Some Snoggletog gifts2.3
Whirly Snoggletog Zippleback2.3
Gronckle Snowman2.3
Bellowing Snoggletog Statue2.3
Hiccup Gift Set2.3
Snoggletog Wreath2.3
Snoggletog Wreath Garland2.3
Snoggletog Wreath Axe2.3
Snow Bath2.3
Faux Snow Chateau2.3
Snow viking2.3
Snowy Toothless2.3
Good Child Presents2.3
Groncky the Grumpy2.3
Baby Snow Nadder2.3
Snoggletog Wreath2.3
Snoggletog Garland Lamps2.3
Snoggletog Homecoming Tree2.3
Single Weapon Wall Rack4.7
Dual Weapon Statue Rack4.7
Weapon Storage Chest4.7
Defenders Ice Sculpture4.7
Sigil Ice Sculpture4.7
Snoggletog Blue Décor Egg4.7
Snoggletog Green Décor Egg4.7
Snoggletog Purple Décor Egg4.7

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure (FARM ANIMAL) 2
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Turkey Perch6.7
Snoggletog Elk Pen6.7
Arctic Fox Pen6.7
Bunny Corral6.7
Snoggletog Elk6.7
Festive Sheep Pen13.3
Arctic Fox6.7
Snoggletog Yak6.7
Snoggletog Bells Sheep13.3
Snoggletog Ribbon Sheep13.3

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure Chest 3
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Festive Sheep Pen8.7
Snoggletog Tree3.6
Snowy Toothless3.6
Groncky the Grumpy4.4
Baby Snow Nadder4.4
Friendship Arch5.2
Dragon Rider's Mask5.2
Gronckle Egg1.5
Deadly Nadder Egg0.9
Monstrous Nightmare Egg1.5
Thunderdrum Egg0.4
Whispering Death Egg0.4
Hideous Zippleback Egg0.9
Thunderdrum Totem4.4
Flightmare Totem4.4
Thunderdrum Snowman5.2
Raincutter Totem4.4
Whispering Death Totem4.4
Monstrous Nightmare Totem4.4
Hideous Zippleback Totem5.2
Skrill Totem5.2
Typhoomerang Totem5.2
Gronckle Totem5.2
Stormcutter Totem5.2
Snow Bath4.4
Faux Snow Chateau1.5

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure Chest 4
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Gronckle Egg1
Deadly Nadder Egg1
Monstrous Nightmare Egg1
Shivertooth Egg1
Snow Wraith Egg1
Hideous Zippleback Egg1
Boulder Stable0.8
Snoggletog Zippleback Saddle5
Snoggletog Death Saddle5
Snoggletog Nightmare Saddle5
Snoggletog Gronckle Saddle5
Snoggletog Nadder Saddle5
Snoggletog Thunderdrum Saddle5
Snow-ibumble skin2.5
Death Snow skin2.5
Snow-worm Queen skin2.5
Snow-tinel skin2.5
Crimson Snow-gutter skin2.5
Slithering Snow-Wing skin2.5
Snow-Crasher skin2.5
Chimeragon Egg0.5
Gronckle Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Nadder Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Nightmare Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Zippleback Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Dramillion Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Triple Stryke Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Snow Wraith Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Groncicle Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5
Stormcutter Ugly Snoggletog Sweater5

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure Chest 5
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Snoggletog Blizz3.2
Snow Wraith Dragon Armor0.6
Snoggletog Lighted Antlers3.2
Snow Wraith Hood1.6
Snow Wraith Armor1.6
Snow Wraith Pauldrons0.6
Snow Wraith Bracers1.6
Snow Wraith Skirt1.6
Toothless Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Meatlug Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Barf & Belch's Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Stormfly's Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Hookfang's Snoogletog Sweater3.2
The Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Night Light Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Light Fury Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Light Fury Mask3.2
Knitted Hobgobbler Cap3.2
Frozen Groncicle Helm3.2
Hobgobbler Snoggletog Sweater3.2
Knitted Dart Cap3.2
Knitted Ruffrunner Cap3.2
Knitted Pouncer Cap3.2
Merriest Snoggletog (antler hat)3.2
Fuzzy hat of Cheer/Delight3.2
Snoggletog Hat3.2
Gleeful bells3.2
Snoggletog Terror-izer3.2
Deadly nadder Onesie1
Gronckle Onesie1
Nightmare Onesie1
Zippleback Onesie1
Stoick's Beard3.2
Snoggletog Crossbow2.4
Snoggletog Shield2.4
Snoggletog Flake3.2
Snoggletog Frost Mask3.2
Snoggletog Streak3.2

Snoggletog Labyrinth Treasure Chest (Eggs) 8
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Skrill Egg3.8
Scauldron Egg3.8
Rumblehorn Egg3.8
Flightmare Egg3.8
Smokebreath Egg3.8
Typhoomerang Egg3.8
Raincutter Egg3.8
Boneknapper Egg2.5
Hotburple Egg3.8
Snafflefang Egg2.5
Stormcutter Egg2.5
Changewing Egg3.8
Screaming Death Egg2.5
Fireworm Queen Egg3.8
Tide Glider Egg3.8
Scuttleclaw Egg3.8
Sand Wraith Egg3.8
Sweet Death Egg3.8
Woolly Howl Egg3.8
Shivertooth Egg3.8
Speed Stinger Egg3.8
Shockjaw Egg3.8
Moldruffle Egg3.8
Mudraker Egg3.8
Razorwhip Egg7.6
Grapple Grounder Egg3.8
Chimeragon Egg2.5

Metal Snoggletog Cookie Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 100 Cookies 5.00
Up to 75 Cookies 30.00
30 to 50 Cookies 65.00

Gold Snoggletog Cookie Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 225 Cookies 5.00
Up to 200 Cookies 15.00
Up to 175 Cookies 20.00
Up to 150 Cookies 45.00
Up to 125 Cookies 10.00
75 to 100 Cookies 5.00

Platinum Snoggletog Cookie Chest
Drop Items Drop Rate (in %)
Up to 350 Cookies 1.00
Up to 325 Cookies 5.00
Up to 300 Cookies 15.00
Up to 275 Cookies 20.00
Up to 250 Cookies 44.00
220 to 225 Cookies 15.00