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Awards for School of Dragons


2.10 Update

“I love it, it’s got amazing graphics, nice animation, cool quest ideas and it’s definitely got reasonable loading screens especially since the game is so detailed and big.”
- RiddleMeThizzz X

“My new favorite feature has to be the fact that you can hear your own steps! I've been wanting more realistic sound effects ever since I started playing! I hope they make sound effects for dragons someday”
- Syubie

“I for one adore the new look. The old interface always felt very outdated, and the revamp to the store was especially needed.”
- LuckyDust

“I want to say first that I like the new update, especially the new button organization - as someone who takes screenshots often, less buttons is always better.”
- KeyRay

“thanks for the update! (hehe, before I thought it had updated on my computer, but it hadn't and I only saw some small differences in detail, then realized it hadn't updated XD ) I like it! SoD looks more 3D, and it's more organized (sure it can be a little confusing, but we'll get used to where everything is soon!) So thank you for putting in the time and effort for this update!!!”
- jenniemkitty

“OK! Since the latest update, the game has been progressing really smooth for me so far. And the previous glitch about my dragon not growing has been fixed! I could never love the game more! “
- Ash K

Enjoyed playing/reading along with my 7 year old kid - we both enjoyed the 'how to train your dragon' movies/shows and this plays well on those characters and stories along with some science-educational material fitted within the fetchquests. Played the 'free' version for several hours and the $10 pay for one-month was worth it to open up many more expansions/quests the free version leads into.”
- garcia_1968

1.14 Update

"I have not finished all the quests quite yet, but it is amazing! The animation and the creativity of the adventure makes me engage in the amazing quests that take place. Each one ending with a cliffhanger making me want to complete the next one right away! I have no words, just an amazing update. It looks like so much work, and I thank you and the SoD team, you have really outdone yourself this time!"
- Ellisonn

"Congratulations on an impressive release! I was able to breeze through all the quests without a single glitch, which pleased me no end. The graphics in this game are first class and this release was no exception. My most enjoyable moments were chasing and shooting the Death Song whilst riding Thornado. I am thorougly enjoying being surprised by the contents of the mystery chests. Well done SoD."
- pafrco

"I love Melody Island, it's so pretty. I also love the quests, they are very interesting. I of course love the dragons too, especially the Desthsong, though the Razorwhip is awesome also :) I think my favorite part over all though are the new places, I like exploring."
- Amberleaf

"This update it truely amazing! I loved every bit of it! The eels are so cool and and also, surprisingly, cute! I loved the Razorwhip quest, and I just love the detail put into the new lands. Small details were exciting for me, like our viking's head turning while sitting on our dragons, the way the shadows of our dragons look on the ground while we fly them, and how they disappear as we get higher, and I love the movement of the trees on Melody Island! The Shooting system is great as well. Now I need to perfect it before the Battle Event arrives! The Deathsongs are remarkable! I love their animation and they are just too cute! I named mine Gormogon, named after a cannibal in the show Bones :D"
- Stiger23

"The quests, the deathsong, the new areas. Especialy Sven's farm, the music there is so creepy! Also the new targeting system is great, but I do have to practice a bit more. Oh, and I can't forget about the fasttravel! My only complaint is that I don't like that the music in Berk has changed, but that is only a minor annoyance, great job SOD team! I am looking forward to more updates and expansion packs in the future!"
- FritsP04

"I lovd the entire expansion pack but my favorite parts was fishlegs running arround like he didnt know what to do lol and my other favorite part was saving the razor whip eggs from the ship and the boat sinking, I honestly said when the water was rizing "ahhhh im sinking" lol also when I went to see Astrid at the hachery when the deathsong flew out it kind of scared me because I wasnt expecting that, same as in the fireball frenzy area when it flew out. I kind of was sad when the deathsong left the baby one abandoned but it made me happy that they gave it to me to train and keep as a winged companion, I love how the deathsong walks as if to say stay out of my way im dangerous. all in all the expansion had wonderful graphics and animations, the quests were awesome"
- WingsofValor

"Best quest line yet. :) I really enjoyed that the NPC's interacted with the world more, (Fishleg's running around terrified/Heather distracting the Deathsong). It really helps with the immerstion into the game when the NPC's do more then just stand in one place. :) The music was great, deffinately gave the quests a more intense feel. I can't wait to see what you guys put out next because and excellent job was done with this. :) "
- Alphie

School of Dragons has certainly made quite a splash! Here's what kids and parents are saying about this exciting How to Train Your Dragon game.

"In mid-2012, JumpStart (a leader in educational gaming) and DreamWorks Animation (DWA) forged a partnership that has proven to be extremely rewarding. We were given the opportunity to work with DWA’s amazing brands and team members, and we ended up with dynamic products for the entire world to enjoy — one of them being School of Dragons, a 3D MMORPG based on the How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) franchise."
- Gamasutra

"It takes the fun of the movie and series to a whole new interactive level. I honestly don't know who is having more fun playing this game: my son or me!"
- From The Attic Girl

"It has the look and feel of other role-playing games, but is scaled-down to be a lot more accessible for kids... It’s a good way to enhance reading and decision-making skills."
- From Motherhood Moment 

"This amazing world of creativity is loaded with timeless exploration and exciting quests that you will find more than entertaining. School of Dragons offers you a virtual world of unimaginable fun as this game not only captures kid’s imaginations but it also is perfect for parents too. You will love the fun along with the scientific discovery that this game promotes such as using the Scientific Method."
- Dragon Games Online

"First off, I thought this game was extremely well made. I had the fear this would be some sort of small game where you can only play for about 2 hours and be done, but it turns out as a pleasant surprise that I've been playing for 3 hours and only get to level 6. The quests contain both a learning experience for not only science, but about the culture of the viking world as well, which I'm amazed at. Normally, games that they say are educational and "fun", aren't what most people consider fun, but this game is not like that for sure! The textures and quality of the game really stand out well, and shows how much work was put into this game, which also helps increase the interest in gameplay! It's a bit hard at first because all you do is run around a bit for quests, but then you can play games with your dragon, they can be a mount so you can run faster, and you can even glide, which I think is a very useful addition. I also LOVE how you don't have to download anything from the game (excluding the utility download, which is super simple). Combine these kinds of graphics as well, it really brings things to a whole new level."
- lifesky