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3 Months

6 Months

12 Months


Membership provides Unlimited Access to all In-Game Content, as well as a 20% discount on Store Items and a Monthly Gem Allowance!

For your convenience, your account will be charged using the payment method you originally use unless you cancel your Premium Membership before your renewal date. Click HERE to cancel membership immediately or create a ticket for Customer Service HERE. See the Membership FAQ in the Help section for details. No refunds will be given.

Membership Benefits

Monthly 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Access to ALL available Expansion Packs

Members are able to stand alongside elite level dragon trainers with full access to our in-world expansion packs. Unlocking these adventures allows Vikings to meet new characters, train exclusive dragons, and embark on exciting and interactive quests with familiar faces like Hiccup. From Icestorm Island to Battle for the Edge, adventure awaits!

Free Gems monthly 500 625 750 1000

With any of our membership options, you get a monthly allowance of FREE GEMS! They will be added to your account automatically and can be used for various store exclusives, such as Viking gear or awesome accessories for your dragon. Imagine how great your farm, Viking, or dragon could look with a regular supply of gems!

Mystery Box of Dragon Eggs Monthly

Get a Mystery Box of DRAGON EGGS on the 20th of each month. That’s right, a new dragon every month at no extra cost. Who knows which one you’ll get! With an ever growing fleet of loyal winged companions, there is no telling where your adventures will go next!

All Flight Club Dragons

Members get ALL of the exciting Hero Levels in Flight Club for free! Fly through these exclusive levels to join our top tier trainers and most sought after dragons!

Increased Activity Rewards

Completing quests, playing games, and buying coin bundles are ways to easily earn coins. But with membership you can get access to even MORE rewards! From shirts, pants, and hair, to war paint and other accessories, the Viking Store has it all. Get these Viking Must-Haves today!

20% off in the Store

The perks of being a School of Dragons member are seemingly endless, but one of the most noticeable features are the savings that you'll have access to at the Viking Store. For each purchase, you will automatically receive 20% off the item's regularly set price!

Double player energy

Members receive double energy to experience double fun! No matter what journey you embark on next, you will have the necessary tools to keep trekking to new rewards and more.

Hiccup's Flight Suit

Dragons are known to fly high through the skies, and with Hiccup's Flight Suit, Vikings can too! Members get automatic access to this exclusive piece of Viking gear from the popular HTTYD2 film.

No Ads

Rejoice - your gameplay experience can continue without interruption! Members are guaranteed an ad free gaming experience as they explore, train, and bond with their dragons.

Free 'Boulder Class' Stable

Members receive a free stable to store any additional dragon friends. Add to your stables to expand your knowledge of all the different dragon types. Best of all more dragons means more training, more adventure, and more rewards!

Your very own Toothless

3-6-12 month memberships get to raise, train and bond with Hiccups famed Night Fury, Toothless! Riding this dragon through the sky will surely get you noticed on campus.

Upgraded Alpha Toothless

Command the skies to train Berk’s resident alpha dragon and take your training to new heights! Now, select Vikings are invited to take the reins on the exclusive Alpha Toothless. However, only the most elite group of trainers with the 6 or 12 month membership packs will be able to streak the skies blue with this dragon’s one-of-a-kind glow.

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