Membership Gift Packages

500 Gems/Mo.
($5 Value)
3 Months
Save $4.98!
500 Gems/Mo.
($15 Value)
6 Months
Save $11.94!
500 Gems/Mo.
($30 Value)
12 Months
Save $34.92!
500 Gems/Mo.
($60 Value)
For your convenience, your account will be charged using the payment method you originally use unless you cancel your Premium Membership before your renewal date. Click HERE to cancel membership immediately or email us directly at See the Membership FAQ in the Help section for details. No refunds will be given.

Membership provides unlimited access to all game content as well as 20% off all store items, a monthly package of 500 gems to spend as you please and so much more!

Give the gift of Membership today! School of Dragons members receive...
  • 500 FREE gems every month ($5 value) ­ gems allow players to customize their character, decorate their farm, access cool content and more!
  • Exclusive levels featuring everyone's favorite dragons from the movie such as Meatlug, Groundsplitter, Toothless & others! ($10 value)
  • An extra character slot to continue the fun as an entirely different character! ($5 value)
  • 20% savings on all store purchases!
  • Bigger and better rewards when members' complete missions!
  • Even more fun quests and challenges designed for all ages and skill levels!
  • New and exciting content added monthly ­ always something to look forward to!

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