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Welcome to the School of Dragons

School of Dragons - Exciting Dragon Game OnlineSchool of Dragons is a new and exciting world where Viking adventurers and fierce dragon trainers develop their skills on the exotic island of Berk. When players enroll in the School of Dragons, they open the doors to a wild adventure filled with dragon training, dragon racing, quests, fishing, farming, and more. School of Dragons is a virtual world based on DreamWorks Animations' hit film, How to Train Your Dragon. The game immerses players in the realm of this fun and dynamic movie, ensuring excitement and adventure for any aspiring dragon trainer.

School of Dragons focuses on the bond between yourself and your dragon. Each player adopts, raises, trains and bonds with their very own dragon. This is no easy task, and it takes time to achieve. However, it is crucial that each player fully develops their relationship and bond to their dragon.

As players immerse themselves in the world of School of Dragons, they will learn core science skills using the Scientific Method. Unique activities including alchemy, fishing, and farming will employ science that will help players develop their knowledge. Additionally, players further develop problem solving skills as they puzzle through various activities, aiding the Vikings with the challenges and adventures they face. The exciting exploits that await will require a player’s active participation at nearly every turn.

School of Dragons is the ultimate dragon training academy and learning environment for Viking adventurers. With tons of thrilling adventures in store, enroll in the School of Dragons and let the training begin.