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The Archaeologist

The Archaeologist is an adventurous individual with a thirst for knowledge. His passion for uncovering information on ancient ruins has lead him to spend many cold years exploring Icestorm Island, located in the extreme north. The Archaeologist is astounded to see trained dragons and is eager to know more about them. He has dedicated much of his life to uncover the mysteries of Icestorm Island and can appreciate how it might be easier to explore the icy terrain with dragons that can light the fire pit with a puff of their breath and melt snow piles.

His exploration of the island has led to interesting discoveries, like the petroglyphs that are ancient rock carvings depicting the ancient Viking civilization. He has also found a few pieces of a treasure tablet, but needs help in finding the rest. He is happy to help fellow explorers with maps and anything else they need to discover the island, from the giant Viking statue to the dragon cave.

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An explorer at heart, the Archaeologist visits the sunnier side of the world to look around the School before he returns to Icestorm Island to continue his work in uncovering the lost artifacts and knowledge of history. With the Archaeologist’s help, Vikings have the chance to learn about Icestorm Island’s rich past and can uncover treasures and secrets untold!