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Phlegma the Fierce

Phlegma the Fierce is a tough Viking woman who’s proved herself in the heat of battle many times. You won’t ever find her backing away from the face of danger, whether that may be a swarm of raiding dragons or a dangerous fire raging in the village. She cares deeply for those around her and she shares in the successes of her friends and encourages them when they are feeling down.

She has taken on the new position of Botanist at the School of Dragons. Having always had an especially green thumb, she began running the green house and the school farm. As a recent addition to the teaching staff at School of Dragons, Phlegma is excited for the opportunity to teach more young Vikings about the living world. Her ultimate goal is to raise a new generation of Vikings who respect and understand nature.

With new students arriving each day, her role seems especially important as the Vikings need more food than ever before to feed their dragons. Her farm helps ease that demand, while her warm personality brings a comforting presence to the school. Students have even found that her farm can be the perfect sanctuary of tranquility after a long day of dragon training.