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Heather the Alchemist

Heather is a recent addition to the Viking family that inhabits the Isle of Berk. Not too long ago, her ship wrecked near the village, and Hiccup and his friends quickly adopted her into their lives. However, to everyone's surprise, Heather was in a desperate situation and almost betrayed her new friends in order to help her family.

A rival Viking leader, Alvin the Treacherous, had kidnapped Heather’s parents, and threatened not let them go unless Heather stole the Journal of Dragons from Hiccup. To the benefit of all, Astrid and Hiccup were able to put their heads together to help get her out of this rough situation. They rescued her parents, saved the Journal of Dragons, thwarting Alvin’s schemes once more. Heather initially left the village with her family, but news reached her about the opening of the School of Dragons and she couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to work alongside these magnificent winged creatures. After all, the villagers would need all the help they can get if they were going to establish this all-new school.

Since her return to Berk, Heather has helped with the efforts and even put her knowledge of the scientific method to good use, learning what foods the dragons preferred, where they liked to sleep, and how to keep the livestock away from their new dragon neighbors. To repay a favor to her young Viking friends and expand her knowledge of dragons, she has returned to Berk as the school’s Alchemist. She is clever and resourceful, and has prepared an interesting syllabus. Her deep enthusiasm for science has made her the perfect person help the students at the School of Dragons.