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Gobber the Belch

Gobber the Belch is a Viking known around Berk for his boisterous bellow and his absolute bravery. Having lost both his left hand and right leg in battle, Gobber displays remarkable courage when it comes to taking on dragons. However, with the loss of his limbs, he is eventually pulled further away from the battle field and into the village’s armory and smithy. There, he finds a new role within the village, and through his skills as a blacksmith, is even able to custom design weapon attachments for his missing hand. Gobber’s talents are later made useful when he must make Hiccup’s prosthetic leg.

Outside of the smithy, Gobber also takes charge of the students in dragon training. He uses his extensive experiences in battle to teach the young Vikings all sorts of tips and tricks about dragons. With his guidance, the students learn how to locate a dragon’s blind spot, how to calculate the number of fire balls dragons can shoot before they run out, and how to think like a dragon to stay alert. Besides Hiccup, Gobber is the Viking with the most knowledge of dragons. 

Gobber helps Stoick the Vast with the issues he faces with his son, Hiccup. Although Hiccup’s desire is to be like the other Vikings, he is held back due to his lack of dragon fighting skills. As a result, Gobber persuades Stoick the Vast that Hiccup should be placed into training. Once in Dragon School, Gobber teaches Hiccup how to fight dragons, albeit reluctantly. Up until this point, Hiccup has been Gobber’s blacksmith apprentice, and did not take the training as well as one might hope for the son of the village chief. However, Hiccup eventually surprises Gobber with his dragon-taming abilities, so much so that Hiccup becomes Gobber’s most prized student. 

Despite his handicap, Gobber also volunteers to go with Stoick the Vast to the Dragon Nest.  Gobber is loyal almost to a fault; he is willing to do anything for his clan and for Stoick, even if it means risking his life. Gobber’s loyalty is best recalled when he distracts the Red Death without any plan on how to stop the gigantic dragon.