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Astrid Hofferson

Astrid HoffersonAstrid is one of the smartest and toughest Vikings in Berk. This feisty and fearless young woman is not only a fierce warrior, but an excellent dragon rider as well. She is known for her ambition and is often looking for ways to prove herself.

During dragon training, Astrid initially despised Hiccup, looking down on his incompetence as a fighter and often viewed him as just another obstacle in her training. As time progressed, Astrid began to see a different side to Hiccup and later became one of his closest friends, confidants and eventually a romantic partner.

While her perception of dragons was originally hostile, she came to appreciate them one day after she followed Hiccup and found out about Toothless. Astrid finally turned a corner and realized that dragons were capable of friendship, kindness and compassion. Astrid Hofferson - VikingsShe also played an instrumental role in the battle against the Red Death, fighting alongside Hiccup and Toothless. Afterwards, Astrid befriended and trained a Deadly Nadder named Stormfly.

Recently, Hiccup and Astrid have gotten engaged. While she is excited to marry her best friend and the future Chief of Berk, she is devastated by the recent death of her future father-in-law, Stoick the Vast. Despite this, Astrid is confident that her fiancé will be an excellent leader of their village.