Snoggletog - SOD

Icy winds blow throughout the archipelago, draping Berk and the School of Dragons with a fresh coat of snow. Vikings decorate their homes with lights, festive trees, and frosty sculptures of dragons. With a merry roar, magnificent dragons soar through the skies, many of them wearing warm (and rather unfashionable) sweaters. It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Berk: Snoggletog!

During this holiday, Vikings throughout the archipelago come together to exchange presents, fight for glory in Squad Tactics, and explore the secrets hidden in Loki’s Maze. All students of the School of Dragons will have countless opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of Snoggletog. They can adorn their farms with festive new items, don their coziest sweaters and warmest hats, and fit their dragons with the latest Snoggletog-themed saddles. Vikings can even add a couple of Gronckle Snowmen to their farms. Of course, the Gingerbread Farm House is sure to make any farm look good enough to eat! Stay warm with a Toothless Snoggletog Sweater, a Fuzzy Hat of Cheer, and a Merry Scarf. However you choose to decorate your farm (or yourself), these spectacular seasonal items are sure to get you ready for Snoggletog!

Snoggletog - Maze of Cheer

Of course, any seasoned Viking will know that the best part of Snoggletog is Loki’s Maze of Cheer. If you are daring enough to enter the labyrinth, steel yourself for challenges that will not only test your critical thinking and memory skills, but your patience and speed as well. Remember, there is a twist to this Maze: As you complete each trial, you must gather festive Snoggletog hats. Should you collect them all, you can expect to receive a special reward at the end of the Maze. Keep your mind straight and your nerves steady as you enter the Maze, for honor and treasure chests await you at the end! Once you complete Loki’s Maze of Cheer, you’ll find the Ruff n’ Tuff Store. Don’t forget to pick up one of the mystery chests that are filled to the brim with treasures!

If you’ve bested the maze, or if you’re ready to put your battle skills to the test, head on over to the Training Grounds to play four new levels of Squad Tactics! Grab your sharpest sword and sturdiest shield, and get ready for some ferocious fun! You can practice fighting with Astrid and Snotlout to pick up some new tips and tricks for being the best warrior you can be. However, for the more seasoned Vikings, you can also train by fighting against Dagur and Sleuther. Before you can unlock these levels, you must first complete a new quest: The Festive (Competitive) Spirit! This holiday adventure will take you around Berk and the School of Dragons to make sure Snotlout is not left out of this year’s Snoggletog action.

Snoggletog - School of Dragons

Vikings of Berk and the School of Dragons should get ready for the Snoggletog celebrations with their clans and dragons. There are so many ways to celebrate this time of year – be it by decorating your farm with snow dragons or sweater-wearing reindeer, modeling the latest Snoggletog fashions, or even putting your brains and nerves to the test in Loki’s Maze. After all, ‘tis the season to be fierce and festive!

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