Scientific Method Worksheets

When you learn the scientific method, you are actually learning how to learn. This is the method scientists and researchers use to study the world around them. Check out these free Scientific Method worksheets for all grades!

What is the Scientific Method?

The scientific method is based on asking questions (Why do birds have feathers?) and trying to discover the answer or answers (To keep them warm, keep off the rain, allow them to fly, and so on.)

All discoveries and inventions start off with questions. When you look at something you don’t understand, you have a great urge to ask questions and find answers. That’s the scientific method in action. However, you need to offer solid evidence to back up your answers – that’s how others can test whether you are right or wrong.

A scientist who makes a scientific statement works hard to come up with the supporting proof. He has to come up with answers to a bunch of questions. The good thing about science is, you don’t have to go test everything all over again – you can always learn from concepts that have already been established. This leaves you free to build upon existing scientific knowledge and come up with new theories and hypotheses.

These printable Scientific Method worksheets are designed for all skill levels. Also, try our other interesting Scientific Method Activities!