Scientific Method Questions

Kids and questions always seem to go together, don’t they? These Scientific Method Questions will go a long way towards satisfying your little scientist’s curiosity and piquing his interest in science. Check them out today!

What is the Scientific Method?

The Scientific Method comprises of five main steps:

1. Observation

Any kind of scientific inquiry starts off with an observation that has provoked the curiosity of the scientist. This observation is usually in the form of a question that needs to be tested and answered.

2. Questioning

The scientific question is specific in nature; it usually focuses on identifying the problem and touching upon the heart of the matter.

3. Forming a hypothesis

A hypothesis is a possible answer or an educated guess to the scientific question. It is often couched as an ‘if-then’ statement, usually based on what the asker already knows about the topic.

4. Experimenting

An experiment need not necessarily be conducted in a lab though it must be controlled through dependent and independent variables.

5. Data analysis and conclusion

The scientist collects a large amount qualitative and quantitative data which usually contains the evidence required to prove or disprove the hypothesis. This data needs to be analyzed in order to draw a final conclusion.

You can raise a scientific question even if you haven’t been trained as a scientist. All you need is curiosity about the fundamental nature of objects and the ability to pursue the investigation to the end.

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