The 10 Most Iconic HTTYD Moments of All Time

DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) are heartwarming tales of friendship between courageous Vikings and fire-breathing dragons. The first two films as well as How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019), that has hit the theaters recently, have their own share of wonderful moments that stand out. Toothless and the Light Fury’s cute antics, Grimmel the Grisly’s villainous acts and the glorious new home of the Vikings called New Berk are all the talk of the town at the moment.

Here’s a list of the 10 most iconic HTTYD moments of all time, that make the trilogy what it is – extraordinarily special.

1. Hiccup meeting Toothless for the first time: “I have brought down this mighty beast!”

A green eye looks up at a hesitant Hiccup who keeps reminding himself that he’s a Viking who ought to ‘cut out the dragon’s heart’ and take it to his father. But then, as he stands over the dragon with his knife held aloft ready to strike, he notices the helpless dragon’s eyes looking up at him, and decides he is not at all up to the task. So he uses the same knife to cut open the ropes holding the Night Fury, setting him free. Hiccup could have killed the dragon while he lay helpless but decided against it. The Night Fury could also have done the same once set free but decided to bury the hatchet with a stern glare and an ensuing roar. Their eyes meet a couple of times, and perhaps those were the first signs of the beginning of their wonderfully trusting relationship.

2. Hiccup making a prosthetic tail fin for Toothless: “And don’t you mind me. I’ll just be back here… minding my own business.”

Hiccup distracts Toothless by feeding him with some salmon and cod, and talking to him affectionately while he tries on the prosthetic tail fin he’s made for the Night Fury. Suddenly Toothless realizes something is amiss; he makes a comical expression, shakes his body a little and takes off into the air, leaving Hiccup clinging on for dear life. Both of them eventually end up splashing into a body of water. The fact that Hiccup is more thrilled about the tail fin working than dangling on a dragon in mid-air just goes on to show how much he’s beginning to care for the dragon.

3. Hiccup’s first flight on Toothless: “Okay there, bud… We’re going to take this nice and slow.”

Subsequently, Hiccup gets the tail fin to work and it opens up just as he had planned, fanning out when Toothless takes flight. The wind in their hair (and wings), the dragon-Viking duo take off, amidst a wonderfully picturesque backdrop of cliffs, open oceans and cottony clouds. Mesmerizing is the word here – the visuals are truly captivating and beautiful.

4. Astrid’s introduction to Toothless: “Toothless, what are you doing? We need her to like us! Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.”

When Astrid discovers Toothless, Hiccup does his best to formally introduce them to each other. This leads to both Astrid and Toothless walking off in a huff in opposite directions. Eventually, once Hiccup convinces Astrid to give Toothless a chance and ride the dragon, Toothless goes into a series of mid-air spins and somersaults, leading to Hiccup calling him ‘a useless reptile’. Naughty guy, our Toothless… it’s evident that he wanted our leading Hiccup-Astrid pair to get back together on good terms, hence the enchanting flight.

5. The family reunion – Hiccup, Valka, Stoick: “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”

When Stoick sees Valka for the first time after nearly two decades, he is speechless. He drops his sword, takes off his helmet and walks slowly towards her, as if trying to convince himself that she is for real and he’s not dreaming. As Stoick and Valka embrace, the dragons around realize he’s a friend and slowly back off, leaving a pleased Hiccup to witness the happy spectacle of his family reunion.

6. The dragon racing sequence with all the Vikings – brings out their personalities: “You see, where most folks enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we Berkians prefer a little something we like to call… DRAGON RACING!”

Fishlegs’ war cry of triumph, Snotlout snatching his sheep mid-air, Ruffnut referring to him as something that is ‘starting to stink around here’, Astrid whacking Snotlout hard on the head for passing on the sheep to Ruffnut out of turn even though once she ‘tried to bury him alive’ and Hiccup talking of how life at Berk is ‘amazing… just not for the faint-hearted’: this opening sequence of the second How to Train Your Dragon flick sets the tone for the movie. A vividly colorful and happening place, replete with dragons and Vikings in all shapes and sizes – there’s Berk for you.

7. Hiccup and Toothless’ playful banter: “We’ve really got to work on your solo gliding there, bud.”

Apparently this statement does not go down very well with Toothless. It results in a pebble hitting Hiccup hard in the back of his head, followed by Hiccup playfully trying to wrestle him to the ground. Finally, Toothless has the upper hand and dangles Hiccup from the edge of the cliff, making him accept the fact that he was wrong. The camaraderie between them is there for all to see.

8. Stoick sacrificing his own life to protect Hiccup from harm: “Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things.”

Valka is right. Toothless would never harm Stoick or any one of his Viking friends on purpose. When Drago’s Bewilderbeast takes control of Toothless’ senses for a couple of moments, the monstrous dragon tries to make Toothless kill Hiccup, on Drago’s orders. Then the unthinkable happens - Stoick comes in the way of Toothless’ plasma blast to protect his son and thus sacrifices his own life. This is what a father’s love is all about.

9. Stoick’s Viking funeral: “May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin’s great battlefield. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla and know that you’ve taken your rightful place at the table of kings. For a great man has fallen: A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.”

Gobber’s funeral speech for his best friend, Stoick, is very touching. The visuals are striking too, with Hiccup and the other riders shooting flaming arrows in tandem at Stoick’s burial ship. This scene stands out as one of the most solemn moments of all in the HTTYD movies.

10. Toothless’ dance to impress the Light Fury: “Toothless, go introduce yourself.”

Hiccup encouraging Toothless to go introduce himself to the Light Fury is exactly how a best friend would behave in the situation. But the best scene, by far, has to be Toothless’ hilarious attempt at a courting ritual – he grins, then frowns; he hops on one foot, then on the other and dances his way into our (and hopefully the Light Fury’s) hearts!