Science Worksheets for 5th Grade

Come 5th grade and your child will be doing complex experiments and learning advanced scientific concepts. Gone are the days when science equaled learning basic theories. With kids now advancing to 5th grade, the concepts and processes to be learnt are advanced too. Your 5th grader will be expected to learn quickly and know a lot of things by heart. Such kind of mastery can only be expected when there is complete and thorough understanding of concepts. The science worksheets for 5th grade available here at School of Dragons help 5th graders learn with ease. This is achieved by breaking each concept into little details to ensure there is no room for doubts. What makes these free science worksheets for 5th grade different from the rest is their presentation. These worksheets are as much fun as they are informative. A boon for the kids and parents alike!

Free Printable Science Worksheets for 5th Grade

Though the 5th grade science curriculum varies from state to state, 5th graders all over the country are expected to have thorough knowledge about the solar system, understand the different physical states of matter, have basic knowledge about life processes and more. Our science worksheets for grade 5 introduce these concepts to young 5th graders in detail, without ever compromising on fun. So, while your kids get busy with these interesting worksheets, they are learning scientific theories and concepts in a way that they are unlikely to forget. Browse through our large collection and get your kids started on our free 5th grade science worksheets today!