Science Worksheets for 3rd Grade

3rd grade science is all about discovery. From learning how to measure things to learning about habitats and more, this year, kids are introduced to scientific processes and concepts that form the core of the subject. At School of Dragons , there’s an entire collection of free and printable 3rd grade science worksheets! Learning scientific methods, concepts and theories has never been more fun. Browse through the worksheets below and get started immediately!

Free Science Worksheets for Third Grade

It is important to master 3rd grade science ideas to build a strong foundation in the subject and to facilitate better understanding in the years to come. At School of Dragons, the science worksheets for 3rd grade thrive to make learning more fun and less of a chore for the 3rd graders. In doing so, they also help kids strike up a bond with the subject and help them fix the newly learnt concepts firmly to memory.

Some of the science concepts that third graders will learn throughout the year include natural forces, the biosphere, classification of organisms, etc. The science worksheets for third grade at School of Dragons will help 3rd graders carry out the scientific processes learnt this year with confidence. Grab them today!