Science Worksheets for 2nd Grade

2nd grade science worksheets enable your child to learn more about the concepts he has already learnt through kindergarten and 1st grade.

To nurture your child’s natural curiosity about science check out these scientific method activities and questions.

2nd Grade Science Worksheets – What do they Teach?

2nd grade science worksheets demonstrate the use of experimentation, measurement, evidence, method and organization to explore the world around us. Your child learns about interesting scientific concepts such as animal life cycles, matter and its properties, the weather and sound.

He learns how to conduct experiments and record his observations in writing and express them orally. Your 2nd grader is taught to use real world data for validating hypotheses and drawing conclusions on the basis of collected data. The process of learning about important scientific concepts is made more coherent and logical when your child learns with printable 2nd grade science worksheets.

2nd Grade Science Worksheets – The Topics

Here are some of the topics covered by science worksheets for 2nd grade:

  • Life cycles of plants and animals
  • The different seasons and their unique characteristics
  • Forms and states of matter
  • The human body and its constituent systems and parts
  • Insects and their life cycles
  • Electricity and magnetism and how they work
  • Earth and space

Use these interesting 2nd grade science worksheets to get your child hooked to science. He’ll never complain about science being boring!