Science Worksheets for 1st Grade

Your 1st grader is learning how to use his 5 senses to observe the changes manifested in living as well as non-living things.

Use these printable science worksheets for 1st grade to introduce him to science. And when he’s done, have him browse through these fun science games to make learning more interesting.

Learn Science with 1st Grade Science Worksheets

Science is more than just facts and figures – it is how you acquire knowledge about the world around you and understand the principles and concepts on which all phenomena are based. 1st grade science worksheets impart the necessary scientific facts and equip youngsters with the necessary vocabulary required to ask scientific questions, conduct experiments and answer the questions on the basis of observation.

Science Worksheets for 1st Grade – Topics and Subjects

1st grade science worksheets help your child learn about the world through observation and experiment. He is encouraged to use the 5 senses to notice and record changes in the things he sees. Here are some of the concepts your child gets to learn:

  • Living beings and their environment
  • The human body and the systems that constitute it
  • Oceans and marine life
  • Matter in its various forms and states
  • Measurement and temperature
  • Sound
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • The lives and work of famous scientists and researchers

Printable science worksheets for 1st grade ensure that your child does not end up merely memorizing a bunch of useless information. They help him to develop a scientific bent of mind and explore the world around him with curious eyes and a questioning mind.