Science Games for Kindergarten

Introduce the little learners to the world of science with our free science games for kindergarten. Help them acquire early science skills and develop an interest in all things scientific.

And don’t forget to browse through printable science worksheets for kindergarten !

Science Games for Kindergarten – The Benefits

Science games online are a great educational tool for building science skills that today’s kindergarten school curriculum demands. These are free science education resources for 3-4 year olds and they teach important science concepts in a fun-filled way. If you are looking for interesting games that build skills in science and technology and much more, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Science Quests for Kindergarten in the School of Dragons Game

Introduce kindergarten kids to science concepts with the help of cool science games and activities. Teach them about the animal kingdom, plants, climate, and more. Our School of Dragons game has an interesting mix of science concepts that will interest kindergarteners almost instantly. Here are some of the science quests that they can set out to complete in the School of Dragons.

Food Chain

What do fish eat? How do they survive? Who eats fish in turn in order to survive? The quest is a brilliant way to introduce 4-5 year olds to the food chain. Players have to look for mosquitoes to feed the fish and then feed the fish in turn to their pet dragon. However, not many fish can be fed to the dragons. Besides the science concept of food chain, the quest helps kids understand that natural resources are at the risk of being depleted and dragons need to be fed only when they are hungry. Play the 21st quest in the School of Dragon game to find out more!

Cloud Quest

What is weather? How do you explain to 8-year-olds what factors affect the weather? What if they could take a ride through the clouds in the sky to learn about it! Kids will never forget what they’ll learn from the Cloud Quest in the School of Dragons game. Together with their dragon, they’ll sail through the clouds and learn that weather is a combination of sunlight, wind, snow or rain, and temperature in a particular region at a particular time. People measure these conditions to describe and record the weather and to notice patterns over time. Take kids on this beautiful journey and help them explore!

Explore other science quests like Flowers and Watering Machine to introduce kindergarteners to more science concepts.

Kindergarten Science Games – Reasons for Popularity

Most parents and teachers today turn to online science games to introduce kindergartners to science. Why are kindergarten science games so popular?

  • Well firstly, it’s because they introduce your little one to a variety of science topics – plants, animals, food, electricity, light, sound, life cycles and magnets – in an interesting manner.
  • Next, they challenge their active little minds and keep them motivated enough to want to continue learning.
  • Your kindergartner’s science skills get a thorough workout and a healthy challenge at the same time when he plays cool science games online.