Science Games for 5th Grade

In fifth grade science, students begin to learn about advanced scientific topics such as chemical reactions, interdependent relationships in ecosystems and human impacts on earth systems. They understand more about the conservation of mass and energy, basic biological processes in organisms and daily changes in the lengths of day and night. Help make 5th grade science easier for your kids with fun fifth grade science games!

Fun 5th Grade Science Games

5th Grade Science Games in School of Dragons

The fifth grade science games on School of Dragons are a great way to get kids excited about learning. On the magical island of Berk, where dragons and Vikings co-exist in peace, science is an important part of everyday life. Your child must complete fun science-related quests in order to help the villagers with the various problems they encounter on their land.

The Wolves are Coming

When the villagers learn of a pack of wolves headed in the direction of Berk, they are immediately worried about the people and livestock in the village. In order to keep the wolves away, Gobber asks players to catch fish from the lake and tosses it into the wilderness for the wolves to find. This will divert them and keep them from coming after the inhabitants of Berk. This science game teaches kids an important part of biological evolution – that when the physical characteristics, temperature or availability of resources in any given location change, some organisms survive, others move to a new location, a few move into the changed environment and yet others die.

A Juicy Dilemma

The people of Berk often have to move from one place to another, carrying with them important resources needed for the journey. Help them find out whether mixing some of the resources, like water and salt, will reduce the total weight of the resources for the journey. This simple science game teaches fifth graders that irrespective of the physical and chemical changes that a substance undergoes, its total weight remains the same.

With these and other fun science quests covering important topics in fifth grade science, School of Dragons is the perfect science game for kids! Check out quests like Frozen Water, Food Chain and Cleaning Solution inside the School of Dragons.

Science Games for 5th Graders – The Benefits

Science education is an important part of 5th grade curriculum but who says it has to be boring? Use these cool games to introduce your child to important concepts in Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. What are the benefits?

  • Your kids will never tire of learning more about science and technology after he is done with these enjoyable games.
  • There’s something to suit the tastes of every 5th grader – animals, plants, sounds, space, magnets, physics, chemistry, biology – and loads of other 5th grade science topics.
  • Your child can test his scientific knowledge and skills as well as his understanding of the science that lies behind the games.
  • The games are free and easy and loads of fun to do. Your child will never groan at the sight of a science book again!

So what are you waiting for? Have your precocious young scientist take a look at the page and get started on a game he likes!

Learning 5th grade science online is so much fun!

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