Science Games for 4th Grade

In fourth grade science, students are introduced to topics like the transfer of energy, the structure and functioning of biological organisms and the Earth’s materials and systems. Using experiments to test ideas and find answers is even more important in fourth grade science than in the previous years. With all the focus on being able to understand as well as do science, science games are incredibly helpful in simplifying science lessons for fourth graders.

4th Grade Science Games for Kids

4th Grade Science Games in School of Dragons

Through fun science-related quests, students in the School of Dragons are introduced to various fourth grade science topics. Here are some of the science games your child can play in the fantastic village of Berk.

Home Heating

In the Northern island of Berk, the weather is often unbearably cold! Players must help Bucket figure out what type of mineral is the most effective in warming up the house! After flying around Berk to collect different minerals from different geological locations, players must use the scientific method to find out whether gypsum, marble, limestone or lava rock stays warm the longest when heated. This science game introduces fourth graders to important concepts like types of energy, the conservation of energy and energy transfer. It also familiarizes students with the correct procedure for following the scientific method of investigation.

Batten Down the Hatches

Extreme weather events are a common occurrence in Berk, bringing with it difficulties like shortage of food and dangerous weather. Players help Stoick prepare for such natural hazards by collecting important natural resources and storing them for emergencies. The science game provides an important lesson to fourth graders on how human beings can change their behaviour to prepare for natural hazards.

Through these and other fun science quests related to Earth science, life science and physical science, fourth graders get to learn important science lessons from School of Dragons. Look out for the other fourth grade science games like Watering Machine, Fill the World with Flowers and Dwindling Flames.

Hands-on Science Activities and Games – The Perks

Science games are a form of hands-on learning, and the benefits are at par with those of science experiments and activities.

  • A 4th grader who plays science games on a regular basis will remember what he has learnt better than someone who only reads about it in books. There is a sense of accomplishment with science games that is hard to replicate with other forms of learning about science.
  • Kids with learning difficulties such as behavioral interference, ESL barriers or auditory deficiencies find it easier to learn with online science games for kids. This is because they get a chance to participate in the learning process, instead of being mere spectators.
  • Science games tend to stimulate students who have hitherto achieved low grades or who haven’t shown much interest in school. Hands-on learning of any type helps these students absorb information that they are unlikely to get from conventional teaching methods.
  • But, most importantly, science games for 4th grade ensure that your child is learning and having fun while he is at it.

What are you waiting for! Have your child play one today!

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