Science Games for 3rd Grade

If your 3rd grader thinks science equals boring, you’ll soon have him eating his words. Check out these cool science games for kids today!

Science Quests for 3rd Grade in the School of Dragons Game

It’s an exciting mix of interests that teachers find in 3rd grade students. Some of them are raring to explore the world of plants while the other are more interested in exploring space! Almost every one of them is a budding scientist at this stage with a thirst to explore and discover on their own. The School of Dragons science game sets the stage for them to pick up a variety of science concepts relevant to their grade. Help 3rd graders make a machine from scratch or understand the temperature difference in the different layers of our universe with this cool science game.

Highs and Lows

In this quest, a player collects thermometers from the beach and the highest peak in Berk to give it to the botanist who explains the temperature difference in detail to the player, thereby helping him to understand why the temperature is more at the beach and lesser at the highest peak. Learning about the temperature difference on the earth could not be explained better than in the game!

Watering Machine

What do you do when you have 20 log woods, 3 leather pieces, and a wheel? The science concept of Engineering Design must come into play here! Gobber helps the player create a watering machine with the parts, reinstating the engineering concept of building technology with the simplest supplies. The players also learn that communicating with peers about proposed solutions is an important part of the design process, and shared ideas can lead to improved designs.

Batten Down the Hatches, Cloud Quests, The Wolves are Coming, and Black Sheep are some of the other quests that are relevant to the 3rd grade science topics of Earth and Space Science, Physical Sciences, Engineering Design and Concepts, and Life Sciences.

Science Games for 3rd Graders – The Benefits

These 3rd grade science games introduce your child to important concepts in ecology, astronomy, space exploration, mechanics and other science topics. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Science games for kids enable children to relate abstract science concepts with concrete objects and explore and express differences between living-non-living or animate-inanimate things.
  • Early science education in the form of interesting games introduces your child to scientific terms which they need to understand. This helps expand their grammar and vocabulary skills.

Check out what's in store in the science game for kids!

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