Science Games for 1st Grade

Kids are at an interesting stage in 1st grade where they have learnt very few science concepts yet they are eager to explore. Feed fodder to the curious minds with our cool science game and lead them on the beautiful journey of discovery!

Give your child a holistic science education with our printable science worksheets and fun science activities for kindergarten!

Science Quests for 1st Grade in the School of Dragons Game

After the wide array of kindergarten quests in the School of Dragons game, there await many scientific adventure quests for 1st graders too. Plants, flowers, and animals interest the tiny tots to no end. Get them to play our quests in the science game to explore the world!

Fill the World with Flowers

How would you explain that the world looks beautiful with different types of flowers such as alpine gentians, blue anemones, and dark red hellebore? Heather takes up the responsibility in Fill the World with Flowers, a science quest for 1st graders, to introduce the little ones to different types of exotic flowers. She instructs the players to go around the village of Berk to look for the flowers and give them to the botanist to advance to the next level.


While the previous quest helps kids identify various types of flowers, the Flowers quest introduces them to the life cycle of each organism. Baby plants and animals grow up to resemble their parents, but they have their own unique characteristics when they are young, examples being food habits, growing mechanism, etc. This scientific quest takes kids on a beautiful journey where they learn that different organisms vary in how they look and function because they have different inherited characteristics.

Rich visuals and plenty of action will draw 8-year olds to the game. Play the quests in the School of Dragons to learn science with fun!

1st Grade Science Games and their Benefits

Science games online allow 1st graders to have loads of fun and build a solid foundation in science at the same time. However, not all science games are suitable for your budding scientist. Some virtual games have more fun than science while others can be too heavy for a 6 year old to grasp. You don’t want to bore your child or get addicted to stuff that’s only fleetingly related to science. The 1st grade science games here offer the perfect balance between learning and fun.

Your 1st grader will quickly become bored by facts and figures recited of heavy scientific tomes – his curious little mind needs some challenging inputs in order to understand and internalize important scientific concepts. This is where fun 1st grade science games come in.

These games help students learn and review scientific facts that are a part of their school curriculum. On the other hand, they also provide a golden opportunity to learn about a wider range of science topics that might be overlooked by an inflexible curriculum.