Science Experiments

Children love to experiment and discover the world around them. Check out these fun easy science experiments your child can do at home!

Why are Science Experiments for Kids so Popular?

Traditionally, science subjects used to be taught out of textbooks, with teaching methodologies focusing largely on rote memorization of facts and figures. The advent of cognitive learning techniques has made traditional methods practically redundant. Here’s why:

  • Your child is more likely to absorb things he sees and hears around him. Cognitive learning techniques such as experiments will help him learn more about science than traditional methods. Cognitive learning is all about watching, listening touching and experiencing. That’s one of the reasons why science experiments for kids are so popular today.
    • A child who is well grounded in science grows up to be a responsible adult armed with the skills required to deal with the issues around him. Including science experiments in his curriculum ensures that he receives a holistic scientific education. Science experiments are perfectly suitable for children’s fleeting attention spans.

    Want more proof? Have your budding scientist work on these printable science experiments and watch him getting hooked to science.

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