Science Activities for Kindergarten Kids

Kindergarten science activities should be an integral part of a kindergartener’s weekly routine. As kids begin to wonder about the science around them, teachers can use fun science activities to encourage scientific enquiry and direct their learning.

Science Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarten science activities are developed in accordance with the kindergarten science curriculum. They are usually based on topics like living and non-living things, the five senses, weather changes and the seasons. Through hands-on science activities like planting seeds and recording the growth of plants, kindergarteners learn how to observe and record scientific data. Fun science activities for kindergarten are great for discussing scientific ideas and introducing the basics of the scientific method.

Benefits of Kindergarten Science Activities

Some educators feel that kindergarteners are too young for science activities. To the contrary, kindergarten science activities are a great tool for introducing young kids to the fascinating subject of science. Kids enjoy science experiments, observation and exploration – skills that they naturally engage in on a daily basis. By structuring the science activities and ensuring they follow basic scientific procedures, teachers can familiarize kids with the scientific method of enquiry. Engaging kindergarteners in classroom discussions and allowing them to participate in hands-on science activities are great ways to ensure they remember the science lessons.

Learn Science All Day Long with Kindergarten Science Activities

Parents do not need to rely on the kindergarten teacher to make science exciting for their kids. Whether in the kitchen, at a park or in the supermarket, parents have plenty of opportunities to engage in simple science activities with their kindergarteners. By looking for animals that live in the soil, playing with shadows or watching an ice cube melt in the sun, kindergarteners can expand their understanding of the world and learn new terms and concepts that will help them in their science lessons. Parents can give their kids a head start in science by engaging in simple and fun kindergarten science activities in everyday situations.