4th Grade Science Activities

Use free fourth grade science activities from School of Dragons to make science lessons fun and effective for your students.

Hands-On Science Activities for Fourth Graders

Fourth grade science activities are effective learning tools when they revolve around topics covered in the fourth grade science curriculum. In fourth grade, students learn about many abstract concepts like changes in matter and energy, the principles of sound and electrical conductors. Hands-on science activities are a great way to simplify these concepts and allow students to engage directly with the subject matter of their science lessons. When fun fourth grade science activities are supplemented by science lessons explaining the observed phenomena, students are able to understand and remember the related science concepts a lot better.

Practice Scientific Inquiry with Fourth Grade Science Activities

Fourth graders are expected to be able to conduct a simple science experiment on their own. Fourth grade science activities are a great way to give your students practice mastering the various steps involved in a science experiment. As your students participate in science activities in the classroom, encourage them to start with a discussion on what they think will occur during the activity. In other words, your fourth graders are forming hypotheses about the outcome of the activity. As the science activity progresses, have your students record what is happening. At the end of the activity, you can ask your students to look for patterns in the recorded data and draw conclusions based on their observations. This is also a great opportunity to practice recording data in graphs and tables. By structuring the process correctly, you can turn any fun fourth grade science activity into a lesson on simple experiments without your students even realizing it!

Find Free Fourth Grade Science Activities Online

Teachers who are looking for fun fourth grade science activity ideas need not fret – the internet has plenty of free science resources for parents and teachers. School of Dragons has a large collection of free and printable fourth grade science activities for educators to use. Based on the fourth grade science curriculum, these science activities are chosen with a fourth grader’s scientific skills and abilities in mind. The format of these science activities makes them a convenient choice for teachers who are looking for fun ways to get their fourth graders excited about science.