School of Dragons Mobile App

School of Dragons is pioneering seamless online and mobile gameplay in the educational massively multiplayer online role-playing game space!

This interactive and immersive gaming experience brings DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise to life. Fans of the franchise can play School of Dragons on their web browser, Facebook page, and mobile device. The School of Dragons mobile game gives players the ability to continue their dragon training adventure from any place, at any time. Players can log in to their account from the platform of their choice and pick up right where they left off — they can access quests, in-game items, and game progress since all of these are synched seamlessly through WiFi.

School of Dragon Mobile App

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iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini and iPad Air (internet connection required).

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More about the School of Dragons on Mobile:

Experience live, 3D MMO gameplay on-the-go. The game you play on your mobile device is the same as on your web browser or Facebook!


Take science learning to the next level with your Viking buddies. Learn about earth, life and physical science across multiple gaming platforms!

Viking Buddies

Race around School of Dragons with your very own dragon. Use special mobile controllers to practice your high-speed flying skills, and practice on your computer too!

School of Dragons

School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure

School of Dragons Alchemy Adventure Game

Tired of mixing and matching candy shapes? From the creators of School of Dragons, the hit app based on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise, comes the all-new educational matching game, School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure!

Studies show playing puzzle games can make you smarter, and School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure takes it to a whole new level! Players can learn about the Periodic Table of Elements, mix and match compounds, and even create special boosts by using elements from specific groups such as metals, halogens, and noble gases.


  • Over 60 levels of increasing difficulty, and more to come! — Play through over 60 levels of Match-3 excitement, and be on the lookout for more levels to come!
  • Learn Chemistry through Match-3 fun! — Match up elements from the Periodic Table in the game, and even go review the different elements and elements groups in the Field Guide!
  • Select dragons with different power-up boosters! — Players can choose companion dragons, each with different power-ups that help in the game.
  • Make special matches for an extra boost! — Create chemical compounds and match specific element tiles to create boosts!
  • Connect with friends! — Link the game to Facebook to play with friends, and even connect School of Dragons accounts to transfer rewards earned in Alchemy Adventure!

Now Available On...

Android App on Google Play
Available on the App Store
Android App on Google Play
Play School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure on Facebook