Wrath of Stormheart Expansion

Stormheart Expansion - School of DragonsThe Wrath of Stormheart continues the saga of the unyielding pirate queen, Nikora Stormheart. After she made a strategic retreat at the end of the Rise of Stormheart, she has returned to conquer the archipelago and storm the campus once again.

Wrath of Stormheart ExpansionThis time around, Stormheart is in search of a family heirloom that will connect her to the Luminous Krayfin forever. Stormheart will stop at nothing until she gets her hands on this mysterious relic, and it is up to the Vikings on campus to put a stop to her sinister plans.

Those Vikings who are brave enough to armor up and defend the School grounds will have to face new challenges never seen before in the School of Dragons, including:

  • Completing 10 NEW quests
  • Training the Elder Sentinel dragon
  • Exploring the newly discovered island of Vanaheim
  • Battling the Grim Gnasher dragon
  • Defeating 7 new Dragon Tactics levels

Vikings will be taken to the mystical island of Vanaheim, where they will find that Stormheart has attacked the Sentinels with her Grimora poison. Only the Elder Sentinel has remained standing, and it is now up to the Vikings to protect the island and the dragons within. You will need to be quick on your toes, because the Grim Gnashers are ready to create chaos in Vanaheim!

As you strive to put an end to Stormheart’s schemes, you will form a bond with the territorial Elder Sentinel, who will undoubtedly prove helpful as you battle Stormheart and her allies.

This will not be the only level of Dragon Tactics where you will find yourself facing Stormheart and her allies. The Wrath of Stormheart includes a total of 7 Dragon Tactics levels, each one with a separate enemy that must be defeated before Stormheart can be stopped:

  • Saving the Lovebirds
  • A Grim Fight
  • A Family Affair
  • Scuttleclaw Help
  • Armorwing Assault
  • Dark Deep Destruction
  • Showdown at Berk

Each one of these levels will be a challenge for Vikings, as they will face the fierce Grim Gnasher, the Grimora-infected Sentinels, and Stormheart’s loyal minions who will be defending her battleships. Vikings will need to be ready as the battle spreads to islands near The Edge before leading to Berk, where you will finally face Stormheart in a final showdown!

Stormheart Expansion - Dragon