The Wilderness is a secluded forest located near the School of Dragons. Rather than the broad leaf deciduous trees that grow in other areas on the Isle, the Wilderness is full of evergreen coniferous trees. Unlike other parts of Berk, the Wilderness has not been settled by Vikings and remains a new frontier for exploration and discovery.

There are many streams and pools of water that circle around the valley of the Wilderness. Because the Wilderness has been relatively undisturbed by humans, there are various species of plants and animals found here that cannot be found anywhere else on Berk. If you get the chance, go fishing to see how many different types of fish you can catch!

Although little is known of the Wilderness, it is believed that the valley carved out of the stone cliffs was originally created by massive glaciers a millennia before. To this day, the rocky cliffs still bear the markings left behind by these ancient glaciers.

The southernmost part of the Wilderness is bordered by a rock formation that bears a distinct resemblance to a dragon, which deterred Vikings from settling there. However, with the dawn of a new age of Viking-dragon friendship, the Wilderness is once again open for curious Vikings to explore.