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Getting Started: Introduction

Before you enter the Viking world at School of Dragons ,your journey begins with a quick refresher course on dragons and the Viking Village on Berk narrated by top Dragon Trainer - Hiccup. Next, you will be greeted by Gobber the Belch who will teach you how to begin exploring with your Viking avatar before you take your first flight with Toothless to begin classes at the School.Since your classmates have already left, you will need to see Hiccup to hitch a ride on Toothless—this is your very first lesson on flying on a Dragon!

Flying Toothless - The three of you take to the skies, where Hiccup introduces you to the basics of flying a Dragon. Take the reigns and soar with Toothless, the rare and intelligent Night Fury, through the sky markers to make your way toward the School of Dragons. By flying with Toothless you will earn your first Achievement!

The Dragon Hatchery - Toothless and Hiccup will guide you directly to the Hatchery, where you will be able to hatch your very own Dragon. There, you will meet once again with Gobber, who will give you some advice on choosing the correct dragon to fit your personality. Pick your Dragon egg and drop it in the lava of the Dragon Hearth to begin the hatching process. Once your Dragon is hatched, Hiccup will give you tips on caring for your Dragon pal, as well as on what to do if you find yourself stuck on a particular quest along your journey. As one of our top Dragon Trainers, Hiccup will show you the ropes of navigating features like your Adventurer’s Journal and our UDT or Ultimate Dragon Trainer standings. School of Dragons - Dragon Hatchery

Flight Club - Your Dragon is too young to fly for now, but you will be able to get a taste of the freedom of flying with the famed Hero Dragons like Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug, Thornado, the Groundsplitter, the Timberjack or Barf and Belch in Flight Club. Here you will be able to learn how to train various dragon types in the basics of flying.

A lesson in Science - Heather the Alchemist will ask you to speak to Hiccup about your first lesson in science! Hiccup will show you, through some video clips, how he used the Scientific Method! Be sure to pay close attention: after the videos, Hiccup will ask you questions about how he came to a conclusion, using the Scientific Method. At some point during his explanation, Hiccup will send you on an errand to collect the things that Dragons love to eat most – fish! At this point, Mulch will be on hand to give you a lesson in fishing.

Fishing – You will have to fish often in order to have a stockpile of food for your Dragon to eat! Remember that having fish for your Dragon will keep it happy and energized. Not to mention you will also be able to trade fish for rewards, using the job board at Johann’s Trading Post. After you catch your first fish, you’ll have the chance to talk to Hiccup again about caring for your Dragon.

Getting to work on your farm – Phlegma the Fierce will show you to your very own farm. Here you will be able to plant and harvest crops, as well as tend to livestock for produce. While on your farm, you can customize the look of the area with decorations from the store or check the Trader Johann’s job board to earn gold with your crops. Your farm is also where you’ll find Berk’s Treasure Trove, a prize box that you can unlock with the help of your fellow Dragon Trainers. Keep farming to unlock new crops, animals, decorations and to increase your rank!

New User Perks - After you have learned how to farm, you will receive an offer for an unbeatable, limited-time deal on a New User Package for your Viking! This package contains everything you will need to get you set for your epic Dragon Training journey ahead! Remember, you only have 10 days to redeem this offer before it’s gone forever.

School of Dragons - New User Package

Fire Ball Frenzy - Hiccup's deep bond with Toothless is a result of his training. Hiccup will show you how you can further bond with your own Dragon through Fireball Frenzy! Of course, your Dragon is just hours old, so it is far too young to play with you in this first round. But since Toothless was able to get to know you from earlier, he will be glad to show you around the Fireball Frenzy arena!

Carrying out a Scientific Experiment - Speak to Bucket on the landing circle at the front of the school. He will task you with your first science experiment and ask you to see Heather the Alchemist in front of the Lab. You will now apply what you learned from Hiccup’s Scientific Method to this experiment. First, you will need to collect a few items from your friends Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout. Next you will need to discuss with Heather a proper Hypothesis to test; after that, it will be time to have some fun in the Lab! Finally, you will share your results with Bucket.

Band together with other Vikings! - Dragon Training can be tough when you are alone, so make friends with other students! The Headmaster will show you how to search for and join Clans, or even create your own. Joining a Clan is a great way to make friends in the School of Dragons; training becomes easier when you learn together.

Quests – The Headmaster will give you your first quest, which allows you to explore the land and test your survival skills. Complete quests for experience points and gold.

Adventurer’s Journal - This log helps you keep track of all your Viking quests. You will find pages about both your Viking and your Dragon. The Adventurer’s Journal comes in handy when you need to know what you should do next.

The Lay of the Land - There are three main places where Viking quests will take you—Berk, the School, and the Wilderness. You can fly to these different areas using either the Timberjack Dragon as a taxi or your own Dragon, when it becomes old enough to fly. You can also find the entrance to the Wilderness through the special cave entrance at the School.

Berk School of Dragons - Berk

School School of Dragons

Wilderness Wilderness

After you have settled into the School of Dragons, nothing will stop the bond between you and your Dragon from getting stronger! Complete quests and care for your Dragon to gain experience. Raise your Dragon up to adulthood to take part in your very own epic flying journey in the School of Dragons.