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Viking Fishing

Viking Fishing - School of Dragons GameFishing is a necessary component to life in the Viking World. This time honored Viking tradition is one that requires you to develop great patience and skill. As it was for the generations before them, it is important for all young Vikings like you to master this activity while learning patience and building a more complex skill set. In the School of Dragons, we have a variety of fish for players to catch and reel in. These critters put up a fight and do not just come in easily on command. However, it is important that you persevere through the initial challenge and master this skill. Not only will mastering this skill give you something to brag about to other Vikings but it will also help in keeping your dragon well fed and happy.

First, you must become one with your fishing rod. When it comes to becoming a skilled fisherman, practice is important, fishing takes some time to get use and requires some patience, in order to hook the right fish. Like the bond made between a dragon and trainer, fishing rods must also have a certain amount of compatibility with their respective fisherman.

Viking Fishing - School of DragonsSecond, you must regularly go out to the water to practice your throw and aim. The more comfortable you are fishing, the faster you will ultimately advance when it comes to your skill level. Ultimately, we encourage all young Vikings with experience fishing to use their skills regularly for the benefit of the village as a whole.

Third, remember that knowledge is the key to becoming a skilled fisherman in the Viking world. While out in the waters, take some time to learn about each swimming organism. The more you know about the fish that you set your eye on, the easier it will be for you to catch it. You will need to know which fish your rod and skill level can handle. In the end, it is not as easy as just catching what you see swimming through the waters. 

Viking Fishing - School of Dragons