Viking Contraptions

Viking Contraption, mutilator - School of DragonsThe Hairy Hooligans must always be prepared for any situation that may arise. Back before Hiccup met Toothless and before the School of Dragons was established, the Hairy Hooligans were well-acquainted with the battlefield. The war with their fire-breathing foes meant that these warriors needed the latest updates in weaponry, technology and medicine. This includes prosthetics to aid those who lost their limbs valiantly while clashing swords with the toughest of foes. Of course, the Vikings of Berk also focus on battleaxes, clubs and warhammers powerful enough to send their enemies running and screaming for their mothers.

Viking Contraption, Toothless prosthetic - SODDuring Gobber’s time as a dragon fighter, he lost his arm and foot, but using his expertise as a blacksmith, he was able to fashion special prosthetics to replace his missing limbs. While his fighting days are long behind him, he made sure that these prosthetics allowed him to switch out several different types of weaponry so that he can dominate the battlefield should the need arise.

Viking Contraptions, Hiccup prosthetic - School of Dragons GameWhile working as Gobber’s apprentice, Hiccup also showed an interest in inventing. While many of his first inventions failed, he finally tasted success when a weapon that he had created injured the elusive Night Fury. Later, Hiccup also made a prosthetic fin to help Toothless fly again after discovering that his contraption had damaged his tail. After Toothless’s fin was damaged in the battle against the Red Death, Gobber remade this contraption to make it more efficient and decorative. Like his best friend, Hiccup lost his leg in the fight against the monstrous dragon, but this was also replaced with a prosthetic limb.

Vikings also use tools to help them find out about the world around them. In the lab, a wide variety of materials are used to conduct science experiments. For example, a thermometer can be used to measure both temperature and temperature change. A simpler contraption that can be found in the lab is a pestle and mortar, which is used to grind down and mix substances. By using these tools, curious Vikings can expand their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned to their everyday life.

Viking Contraption, Gobber's prosthetic - School of DragonsThe Vikings of Berk are always looking to make life easier. These inventions could also increase their chances in battle. For example, Nikora Stormheart’s ship, The Tempest, is a mechanical wonder that cuts through the tides using the steam power of dragons. With enemies who possess this sort of mechanical power, it is important that the Vikings of Berk focus on engineering and inventing so that they can go head-to-head with the mightiest of villains!

I watched as my father screwed on his ax. He always did this whenever retelling stories of his glory days on the battlefield. While our days of fighting dragons are long gone, he refuses to let my brother and I forget that he not only participated in the war, but lost his forearm in the process. Unfortunately, my brother had mysteriously disappeared once we had seen Dad reach for his ax.

“Thor or maybe even Odin must have deemed me worthy,” my father said, “because I escaped every battle whole, except for one.”

I tried not to roll my eyes. The story really was quite interesting, but I’d heard it so much that one more time, and I’d probably pack up and move to Vanaheim. “Dad, please,” I sighed. “I know this story is, like, really cool, but I’ve heard it enough to put the gods to sleep!”

My father bristled. “So, what would you rather hear, if not tales of glory and honor on the battlefield?”

I gestured to the ax he had attached to his arm. “Tell me about your ax. How did you get it? Why does it fit your arm? Does it hurt? How does it work?”

“So many questions!” my father explained, laughing. “I’ll take them one at a time. I got this ax from our local blacksmith, Gobber.”

“How did he make it?” I asked, on the edge of my seat.

Potions apparatus - School of DragonsDad shrugged and replied, “I wish I could tell you, but you know I’m not one for studying these types of things. You’ll have to ask the inventor himself.”

I was out of my seat and headed to the door before my father had even finished his sentence. “I’ll go there now!”

“Wait a second, child!” my father called out to me. “It’s probably best if you don’t disturb him in the middle of the night.”

I paused at the door. “Oh. Right,” I said sheepishly.

“Come sit by the fire and you can visit him in the morning.”

Science lab apparatus - School of DragonsI obliged, practically vibrating with excitement at the idea of picking Gobber’s brain. I prayed to the gods that he would see potential in me and perhaps take me on as an apprentice. Or perhaps he could tell me how he made my father’s arm! Either way, tomorrow is sure to be informative!

- From the Diary of Runa Brashbeard