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Viking Contraptions

Viking Contraptions - School of DragonsThe Vikings of the Isle of Berk are a resourceful and ingenious group, forced to create weapons and shields in order to defend themselves from surprise dragon attacks. Gobber the Belch, who is the Vikings’ blacksmith, created many of the Vikings’ weapons and armor in his Blacksmith Forge, before the Vikings and dragons bonded and learned how to coexist in peace. Hiccup often assists Gobber, and was his apprentice before entering dragon training.

Viking Contraptions - School of DragonsBetween Gobber and Hiccup, there were a number of ingenious contraptions created in the village’s smithy. Gobber, in past battles with dragons, lost both a hand and foot that he was able to replace with his own unique creations. He created a detachable hand that can be switched out with various weaponry depending on which would better suit the most recent battle or event. 

Viking Contraptions - School of Dragons GameHiccup, who is a more inexperienced inventor, often sees his contraptions failing. But he created the Mutilator, which was able to injure the only known Night Fury, the dragon he would later call Toothless. Hiccup also created a contraption that would allow Toothless to fly after the Mutilator crippled Toothless’ tail. This contraption was later remade by Gobber after the original was damaged in battle.

Most Vikings also carry hand-welded shields and helmets. Stoick the Vast, the village chief, most notably wears a helmet made out of his late wife’s old battle armor. The creative farming and fishing tools help the Vikings to gather food for themselves, their stock, and their dragons.