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Viking Contraptions

Viking Contraptions - School of DragonsBefore the era of peace between Vikings and dragons, the villagers of the Isle of Berk had to be resourceful in order to defend themselves from constant attacks. Gobber the Belch, Berk’s resident blacksmith, created many of the weapons and much of the armor that Vikings used in battle.

Viking Contraptions - School of DragonsIn past battles with dragons, Gobber lost his arm and foot. Luckily, he was able to replace his missing limbs with prosthetics he made that could be switched with several types of weapons in case Gobber ever found himself on the battlefield again.

Viking Contraptions - School of Dragons GameAs Gobber’s apprentice, Hiccup’s inventions often failed. He finally saw success when one of his weapons, the Mutilator, was able to injure a Night Fury, the dragon he would later call Toothless. Hiccup also created a prosthetic fin that would allow Toothless to fly after the Mutilator damaged his tail. This was later remade by Gobber after the original was damaged in battle.

The weapons, prosthetics, and tools created by the villagers of Berk prove that Vikings are more than warriors – they are inventors and engineers as well.