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Training in the School of Dragons

Every ferocious dragon and Viking trainer combo has their humble beginnings as a team, and each of those journeys begins with training in The Training Grounds. It is located on the east coast, a little distance from the School, nestled in the rocky cliffs overlooking the blue sea and majestic outcrops. A picturesque location, true, but make no mistake - dragons and Vikings don’t come here to simply admire the view! It is here that young, hopeful Vikings teach their dragons a variety of skills that will allow them to grow quickly. Trainers can watch with excitement as their baby dragons mature into skilled, adult dragons.

The Training Grounds is also where dragons can master a diverse and exciting set of skills. Dragons can practice their flying maneuvers at the Flight Club for the ultimate thrill, while the racer in every dragon will get a chance to shine with Thunder Run Racing. There’s also target practice at Fireball Frenzy, but the dragon’s accuracy is seriously tested at Bull’s Eye Lagoon.

Dragons can hone their skills even when not in The Training Grounds as taking dragons on various quests will strengthen the bond between Vikings and their dragons. Having a healthy relationship with a dragon will ultimately help it increase its skills faster, allowing it to better utilize its fire breathing and flying abilities. Vikings that care for their dragons will promote a healthy relationship as well as a strong dragon. Feeding fish to dragons will replenish their energy and prepare them for more training.

Raising a powerful dragon requires hard work and dedication. Do you have what it takes to join our elite class of trainers? Thanks to The Training Grounds, trainers have access to all the resources they will need to raise dragons with unrivaled flying, accuracy and other skills that can put a dragon among the league of greats!