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The Viking World: Farming

Viking Farming - Sunflower - School of DragonsIn the Viking world, there are certain traditions that are essential for a village’s success, and the Isle of Berk is no different. Skills like fishing and farming are passed on from generation to generation and are learned by young Vikings just like you, each day. Your ability to produce crops while farming will ultimately be a skill that helps you care for your dragon. When you’re ready to put your skills to the test and further your training at the School of Dragons, stop by your farm to start tending to some crops.

There, you’ll find that farming is more than simply planting a seed and collecting a return. Farming actually tests your ability to manage time. Successful Viking farmers must know how to best budget their hours each day when it comes to balancing the pressures of dragon training, farming, and completing other in-world tasks. When it comes down to what could make or break a farmer, time management is the key to success in the fields.

When the soil is ready, you select which plots of land to plant your seeds on. Depending on the type of seeds that you have planted, you will need to return within a certain amount of time to harvest the crops. If they are left unattended for too long you run the chance of losing them, so try not to start planting without a strategy.

Viking Farming - School of DragonsExpert farmers in the Viking world master this challenging craft by never being found too far from the fields that they tend each day. If you are ready to show off your abilities to care for and collect crops like a true Viking, then head to the farming area to get started.