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The Lookout

Do you ever think about taking your dragon somewhere to just sit back and enjoy the view? Well, if you haven’t been already, Hiccup and Toothless’s NEW DISCOVERY of the Lookout is where you want to be. Hiccup is always on a hunt for new, amazing locations to find new territories and meet new people. During Hiccup and Toothless’s last adventure of mapping out the land, they found this beautiful area with endless views.

Word about the Lookout spread very quickly in the School of Dragons and everyone was so excited about Hiccup’s discovery! Even though there are obvious reasons of why the Lookout is LOVED by everyone who visits, there are people who talk non stop of why they love coming here. Bucket and Fishlegs are both HUGE fans of the great fishing that occurs in the Lookout. They both say that with its crystal blue waters, the fish are easy to spot and they always have extra food to feed their dragons. Phlegma decided keep her greenhouse here, because she believes that the Lookout’s sunshine shines perfectly on her greenhouse and helps all her plants grow beautifully. The Lookout is also one of Astrid’s favorite places because she says it’s Hiccup’s and her spot...Oh Hicstrid. They can sit on top of the highest hill and watch the sunset for hours while Toothless and Stormfly go for a little swim. On top of beautiful views and hidden gems like caves behind gorgeous waterfalls, there is so much more you can do/find there:

  • Farming
  • Phlegma’s Greenhouse
  • Telescope
  • And more fishing!

This land is a whole new breathe of fresh air. Visit the Lookout where the sun never comes up and never goes, it just stays at a constant beautiful sunset.