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Starting Off in the School of Dragons

The School of Dragons immerses players in a world filled with Viking adventures, dragon training, and other exciting activities. Right from the start, School of Dragons gives players multiple ways to have fun, including selecting their own dragon, customizing their gaming experience and more.

When players first enter into the world of School of Dragons, they will need to choose their very own Viking avatar. After customizing this avatar with different features, the next step will be to build their Viking profiles. In these initial stages, players can make the game their own by creating fierce personalized usernames for game play and dressing up their avatar. Also, players will be given their very own Journal of Dragons, a book which will record all of their adventures throughout the world of School of Dragons.

Perhaps one of the most important parts to the game is dragon selection. Players must enter the Hatchery, where they will be lead through a selection process that will help them find which type of dragon matches them the best. After choosing their dragon, players must name them and customize their look.

After players choose their dragons, it is time for the adventures to begin. With their dragon at their side, players will go on quests, which include solving problems throughout the game. Players must use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to be successful in each quest. In addition to this, players must be faithful members of the Viking community by doing things such as farming and taking care of animals. Also, players get to try their hand at various “professions,” which including alchemy and fishing.

Throughout all of these activities, players will continually build their relationships with their dragons. As their dragons grow and mature, there will be more and more activities for them to engage in, such as dragon flight training and dragon racing. In activities like dragon racing, players will compete against other fellow Viking adventurers.

Ultimately, the School of Dragons is a place where players can train themselves to be Viking explorers and adventurers while building strong bonds with their personal dragons. From the very beginning of the game, players can fully immerse themselves in a world filled with exhilarating adventure and fun.