Secret of the Leviathan

Secret of the Leviathan - SOD

Are you ready to explore new lands that most Vikings couldn’t imagine in their wildest dreams? Do you dream of scaling towering rock walls, trekking through harrowing mazes, and solving complex puzzles? Then perhaps you’re ready to uncover the mysteries of the archipelago in the Secret of the Leviathan! This heart-pumping expansion will take you to the remnants of an ancient temple long-abandoned by the very people who built it. Adventure awaits as you unearth the mysteries of Impossible Island and face new threats!

When a newly hatched Leviathan flees the safety of Berk, Hiccup needs your help to find out what this strange creature needs. However, since Hiccup is needed as Chief of Berk, you must enlist the help of Skulder the Archeologist and the School’s botanist, Phlegma the Fierce. Together, the three of you will venture to a far-off land hidden from the rest of the archipelago: Impossible Island. Long-abandoned and desolate, you and your companions may not understand why the Luminous Krayfin would choose this of all places to fly to. However, as you venture further inland, you will realize that the rocky landscape of the island hides a mystery beneath its surface. The Luminous Krayfin will fly into the cenote in the center of the island, so you, Skulder, and Phlegma must find a way down. Unfortunately, something within the cenote is repelling dragons, so the journey must be made on foot. After you have descended the stone bridge far beneath the opening, you will find yourself at the front gates of an ancient temple, forgotten and deserted many years ago.

Secret of the Leviathan - SOD

Before you can march through those gates, you must enlist the help of the leader of the Defenders of the Wing, Mala, to help you pass through. However, she will be a little skeptical of your skills, so it’s up to you to prove that you have what it takes to brave the trials of the labyrinth. These tests will involve building contraptions and using simple machines and will challenge your physics skills. Once you have bested the puzzle at the gate, you can follow the Luminous Krayfin down, deep below the surface of the island. Impossible Island holds cavernous tunnels, hidden passageways, winding mazes, and scorching secrets. Since each puzzle is connected to the next and every step will help you advance further into the labyrinth, it is important to think critically at all times!

Not only will you come across some of the most challenging puzzles in the archipelago on your quest to uncover the Luminous Krayfin’s secret, but you will also encounter a whole new species of dragon. Armed with poison and autonomy, the mighty Flame Whipper is definitely a dragon that you do not want to cross! You’ll have to do some serious labwork with Heather to uncover the mysteries of this flaming enigma.

To discover the secret of the Leviathan, Vikings will be taken from the comforts of Berk, to the obscure Impossible Island, to the rich history of its underground temple, to the ocean floor fathoms below the surface. You’ll solve complex puzzles and will form a strong bond with the Luminous Krayfin. If you can manage to gain the trust of the fearsome Flame Whipper, you will be able to train one of your very own! The journey may be trying, but with the Secret of the Leviathan expansion, you will reach new heights and explore exciting depths!

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