Return to Dragon Island Expansion

Return to Dragon Island - HTTYD Expansion

The Return to Dragon Island expansion has stormed into the School of Dragons! A dark and dangerous fog has rolled into the archipelago, old foes have started to resurface, and secluded islands must be revisited. Young Vikings must get ready to face new dangers and navigate unfamiliar lands to uncover the secrets this fog may hold. Are you up to the challenge? If so, get ready to return to Dragon Island!

Your journey will begin when the Headmaster informs you that Mulch and Bucket have not been seen or heard from in a while and may be in trouble. When you finally discover their location, you will find the two friends as well as yourself enveloped in a mysterious fog. You must use all of your strength and cleverness to get all three of you out of the noxious air and back to safety. When you return to Berk, Gobber will inform you that a similar fog used to surround Dragon Island, the home of the late Red Death. However, this fog looks a little different than the one that curls and flows along Dragon Island.

To uncover the answer to this mystery, you, your dragon, and the Riders of Berk must leave no stone unturned. Together, you and Eret, son of Eret will come face-to-face with some of the nastiest criminals the archipelago has ever seen on Auction Island. You’ll weave around towering sea stacks and fly against the wind at Helheim’s Gate, with only a map and a compass to guide you. You, Hiccup and the notorious Harald Forkbeard will make the journey to Dragon Island to investigate the source of the fog. With Eret, Hiccup and Valka, you will trek through the molten terrain of Eruptodon Island to search for the mighty Eruptodon.

Singetail - Dragon Island Expansion

On your adventure, you will have the opportunity to train two new dragons! While you and Eret are sneaking around Auction Island, you will come across a poor Singetail trapped in a cage. The two of you must come up with a clever plan to free it before it can be sold. Once you and Eret release the Singetail from its iron prison, you are free to train and bond with it. On Eruptodon Island, you will find yourself face-to-face with the scorching Eruptodon! Before you can tame it, you must gain its trust by gathering Fireworms and placing them around the Eruptodon. Once you have done that, you and the Eruptodon are free to form a bond and begin training together!

Young Vikings must brave countless twists and turns as they investigate the origin of the peculiar fog. On your travels, you will uncover more secrets of the archipelago, explore perilous new lands, and team up with heroes and villains alike to keep the School of Dragons and its Vikings safe from danger. So don’t waste any time; saddle up and get ready to return to Dragon Island!

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